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Are these 3 ingredients the next big thing for shiny hair?

4 February, 2024 - 01:57pm by - BR-Queenie | 131 Comments

In the quest for healthier, shinier, and more resilient locks, many of us are turning to natural formulations and ingredients in our hair care, and we’re looking for products with less in them to do more. But what are some of the stand-out natural ingredients and what do they offer? Here are 3 of the rising stars that we’ve come across. 

Jojoba Oil,  derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant has been a staple in beauty rituals for centuries. Its molecular structure closely resembles the natural oils produced by the scalp, making it an ideal ingredient for hair care products. Jojoba Oil's benefits in shampoos and conditioners include:

  • Deep Moisturisation: Jojoba Oil is a potent emollient, providing deep hydration to the hair shaft. It can assist with locking in moisture, preventing dryness and reducing frizz.

  • Scalp Health: A healthy scalp is crucial for vibrant hair. Jojoba Oil has antimicrobial properties that can aid in maintaining a balanced scalp environment, reducing dandruff and itching.

  • Hair Strength and Thickness: Rich in vitamins and minerals, Jojoba Oil nourishes hair follicles, promoting strength and thickness. Regular use can result in fuller, more robust strands.

Yerba Mate, a South American plant renowned for its stimulating properties when consumed as a tea, is now making waves in the beauty industry for its exceptional benefits in hair care for delivering the following:

  • Antioxidant Power: Yerba Mate is a rich source of antioxidants, protecting hair from environmental damage and free radicals. This helps maintain colour vibrancy and prevents premature aging of the hair.

  • Increased Circulation: The caffeine content in Yerba Mate stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helping to promote healthier hair growth.  

Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, is gaining popularity in skin and hair care for its versatile benefits. When incorporated into shampoos and conditioners, Niacinamide contributes to:

  • Strengthening Hair Structure: Niacinamide helps fortify the hair structure by enhancing protein synthesis. This can result in stronger, more resilient strands less prone to breakage.

  • Reducing Scalp Inflammation: With its anti-inflammatory properties, Niacinamide soothes the scalp, assisting in reducing redness and irritation. This is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or dry scalps.

A’kin is so convinced about the benefits of these 3 ingredients that they’ve built a hair care system around them, and we’re going to get you to put it to the test to see if they’re right.


The Daily Shine Shampoo & Conditioner contains Jojoba Oil, Yerba Mate, and Niacinamide to deeply nourish for healthy-looking hair and maximin shine. 100% Vegan, sulphate and silicone-free, both products have a fragrance combination of Geranium, Cedarwood and Patchouli and are proven* to:

  •  Increase shine by 28% after one use

  • Deliver instantly smoother hair after one wash

What do you say? Is smoother, shinier hair something you strive for? If so and you’d like to be on this trial team comment below telling us why your hair needs this.

**Results based on an independent laboratory study.




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22nd February, 2024

I love the fact that these products actually protect the hair and scalp, can’t wait to try them out.

22nd February, 2024

This would be incredible for my dull and lifeless hair! I'm forever searching for more than just an okay shampoo and conditioner, maybe this is it?

21st February, 2024

yes please would love to try this have been wanting to venture into a more natural product for my hair would love to trial and review the results as i have dry fine hair and would love more nourishment.

20th February, 2024

Wow I would love to test these daily shine products. These products sounds great! I have had dull hair forever as its bleached so never it has natural shine. If I could find a product that actually gave it moisture and shine without weighing it down I would be amazed!!

20th February, 2024

I would love to try this for my hair. I have quite fine, dry hair and would love to find a product that can increase moisture and strength and make it shine. If it works to smooth the flyaways that would be even better!

19th February, 2024

Gorgeous product range! Would love to give this a go for sure

19th February, 2024

Good morning, I would love to be on the trial team for these products please, as I am a qualified hairdresser and have used so many products before and still am! So my hair lacks in shine, so I would really love to try these xx

17th February, 2024

Wow I have never seen hair products containing Niacinamide before! These sounds amazing! I have worked so hard to make my hair healthier and finally see the results! The only thing I’m missing is the shine! I would lovveeee to try these products!

17th February, 2024

I’d love to try something new for my hair. It’s always looking dull and never smooth like shampoos and conditioners say. It would be nice to try a more natural product too as I know others can be harmful with chemicals etc.

16th February, 2024

This sounds like a lovely shampoo and conditioner. I'd love to try some effective natural hair products. Smoother and shinier hair is definitely something I'm looking for!

16th February, 2024

Definitely have to try this with sensitive skin I always try to stick to natural products

16th February, 2024

I have used Jojoba oil on my skin for years and love how nourished my skin feels. I would love to see if this has the same affect of my hair.

14th February, 2024

Jojoba oil is so versatile! I'd love to try this to see if it makes a difference to my fine hair

14th February, 2024

Definitely need to try this , especially because it's natural, that is always better for you

14th February, 2024

I would love to give this a go. My hair is quite dull at the moment and I would to have shiner hair and its a bonus if its from a natural shampoo and conditioner.



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