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Thin Lizzy The Good Hair Brush

Thin Lizzy The Good Hair Brush
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Save time and tears with our innovative hair brush!



  • Perfect for small children who don't enjoy the struggle and pain of brushing tangled hair in the mornings. 
  • The flexible bristles ensure there is no pain and no crying while brushing the hair.
  • The lightweight brush glides seamlessly through wet or dry hair without pulling or snagging.
  • Can be used both in and out of the shower.
  • The vented design for more efficient blow drying and easy cleaning. 
  • Sleek and rubberized matte black colour is comfortable to hold and doesn't slip out of hands


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Thin Lizzy The Good Hair Brush

Thin Lizzy The Good Hair Brush


Overall rating:
2nd November, 2023
1 members found this review useful
Good Hairbrush

This is my favourite Thin Lizzy product of them all. It is marketed as being especially good and seemingly designed for dealing with long tangle prone locks and , indeed having seen how pleased two friends of mine were when I asked them to try it (one straight hair and the other naturally curly) I saw for myself how there was no annoying fly away effect. For myself with short naturally soft curly hair I find that flat “getting up in the morning” hair issues are resolved really quickly – four short flicks , top, back and two sides – and it is all lifted and ready to face the world. This is a major boon for any who, like me, who have any arm issues – only one arm needed. Working with a cylindrical brush and a blow dry is excruciatingly painful. All thanks to the genius who designed this unusually shaped tool - a largish rectangular head bent into a convex form to fit around the head – a mixture of lengths of bristles of various textures and wide ventilation slots covering the back. Such great and easy results encouraged my husband to request a brush of his own. He is usually rather averse to any potentially useful tools I buy him and they soon disappear into cupboards and drawers never to be seen again. It is now several weeks and his brush is still very much in evidence – that, I believe, says it all.

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15th November, 2023

MMM I am reluctant to buy Thin Lizzie products as they seem to come out with so many variable products (master of none) but this does sound good.


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