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Schwarzkopf Purify and Protect Conditioner Review
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Schwarzkopf Purify and Protect Conditioner Review

Overall rating:

Schwarzkopf Purify & Protect Conditioner with Liquid Keratin for normal to dehydrated hair. Provides deep cleansing, no overburdening and is silicone free.

Pack Size:  400ml

RRP: $6.49

Availability:  Supermarkets, Pharmacies and The Warehouse



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Overall rating:
13th February, 2018 at 6:40 pm
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Quite Effective

I’m not sure where I got this now, either the beauty vault or a BBBE, but however it came, it came with the matching shampoo, which is great, because I have a bit of OCD around using unmatched shampoos and conditioners!.

The packaging is a white plastic opaque flip top bottle with Swarzkopf branding. The product is white and creamy, and like the shampoo, white conditioner is my preference along with clear products, to reduce any staining to my white hair. It has a beautiful sweet scent the same as the shampoo. It is also for normal to dehydrated hair, and my hair is dry so it works for me.

I use it after every wash with the purify and protect shampoo, and after using toning shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and shiny, without weighing it down, or leaving it dull or greasy, though once or twice it has felt a bit dry. Based on that, it might be good to rotate both the shampoo and conditioner with something different every now and then. I don’t use a lot each time so for around $6.50 it is economical and pretty good.

Tips: Use with the shampoo but rotate with other shampoo and conditioners to avoid it leading to drying.

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