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Natural Instinct Daily Hydrating Shampoo Reviews

Natural Instinct Daily Hydrating Shampoo Reviews
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This gentle shampoo uses the natural and soap-free ‘Plantapon Cleansing Complex’ to rebalance lifeless hair, increase hydration levels and restore hair softness and shine. Moisture and protein rich for improved hair strand strength from the cuticle right into the cortex to reveal stronger, smoother and more manageable hair.

•Hydrolysed Wheat Protein – penetrates deeply into the hair fibre to protect, repair and restructure hair from within whilst reducing hair breakage •Argan oil is a potent antioxidant rich in Natural Vitamin E effective in promoting healthy hair growth and is excellent in taming frizz and promoting shine and gloss for softer, more manageable hair. •Honeyquat (Conditioning honey) –

Ultra-moisturising honey extract penetrates the hair shaft with excellent moisture binding capabilities to deeply condition hair.

Pack Size 250ml


Availability: Selected Pharmacies and Health Stores

RRP: $13.99

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Natural Instinct Daily Hydrating Shampoo Reviews

Natural Instinct Daily Hydrating Shampoo Reviews


Overall rating:
16th February, 2020
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Natural Instinct Daily Hydrating Shampoo

This is a generous size tube Sulphate Free which I love and is gentle on my scalp NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS Cleans your hair it creates less foam

Tips: A small amount goes a long way

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