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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Wish You Could Touch Up Your Hair Like You Do Your Face?

6 June, 2018 - 08:29pm by - First Lady | 79 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Has it happened to you?  You're checking yo' fine self out in the mirror when you catch sight of a grey hair.  Suddenly it's all you can see.  And if you can see it, everyone else can right?  

If you're at home when this happens, it's probably no biggie, you'll probably reach for your regrowth spray and hide the grey - but if you're out and about, what can you do?  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way to fix your hair on-the-go; just like you can touch up your makeup?

Enter:  The clever folk at Schwarzkopf.

The new Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara quickly and precisely covers your greys.  It’s ‘on the go’ format provide you a quick and easy fix – any time!

There's no mess, no chance of colour ending up on your clothes or vanity.  You can keep it safely in your handbag and never have to worry about those random stray greys again!

If you already use a root spray, you might be thinking 'why should I switch to a mascara?'.  Well, other than the lack of mess and zero need for clothing protection, a hair mascara allows you to precisely tackle individual greys - not just at the root, but also down the whole stand.

Thanks to the Hydrophobic-coated color pigments, greys are optimally covered - leaving a natural looking colour that'll blend beautifully with the rest of your hair. 

And - its not just easy to use, it's fast!  You don't need to wait around for it to dry as it contains fast-drying agents.  

This nifty product is available in four shades:

- Black
- Dark Brown
- Medium Brown
- Dark Blonde


If you fancy trialling this for us, let us know by commenting with which shade you'd like to review. 

And why not chat to us about grey hair and touching up - we love reading your comments!

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Been going grey since the age of 24 - one streak at a time, would love to be able to try the root mascara to touch up the areas that seem to come out more and more... More noticeable if I straighten my curly locks - medium brown - dark brown :)

I have lots of greys coming through now , so would love to trial this in dark brown.

I currently have to visit the salon every 5 weeks to keep on top of my greys. I have a dive part and dark brunette hair and a lot of mygreys seek to grow right in my part (so typical). I’ve tried a touch up stick and spray but neither were ideal so would love to give this mascara a go! I would need one suitable for dark brown hair.

I’d love this to touch up the front of my hair so I can wear it all back off my face. I have on patch that goes grey very quickly so would absolutely use this

Medium brown please.

Dark brown please. This will be perfect for my pesky regrowth!!

Dark Brown - Would love to touch up the greys that shine in the bathroom lights!! Thanks!

I would love to trial Dark Brown Hair Mascara. I hate when they grow back within 2 months.I need to put aside 2 hours to retouch it up myself. Especially when you are going out and need to do the job quickly.

Desperately need this first grey hairs at 16 - this would be so useful - dark brown please :)

I have a large grey patch on the back of my head making it impossible to wear my hair half up half down. I would love to test this out on my dark brown hair

Ooops my whole hair is grey - a touch up just wouldn't cut it :)

Same Maree. Silver is where it's at!

6th June, 2018 at 9:53 pm

Yep, grey is the new something ....

6th June, 2018 at 10:04 pm

I have greys which are most noticeable when I tie my hair up. This could help! Would love to trial in black please.

Same here.

6th June, 2018 at 10:12 pm

Dark brown... root spray is great but not super portable

Sounds fantastic. They need to do a root retoucher too. I have dark brown hair which is very unforgiving to lighter colours.

I would absolutely love to try this, I’ve got so many wispy greys and as im in between colourings they’re becoming really obvious. What an awesome idea and so quick and easy.


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