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Hot or Not? Are You Here for Mismatched Nails?

4 September, 2018 - 07:17pm by - Head Pixie | 30 Comments

By BR Tabatha

We do believe the circle has spun once again. For a long time it felt like every week a new nail trend was hitting the 'Gram. Then eyebrows surpassed nails in 'grammability, and they stayed photographable for a goodly amount of time, entertaining us weekly with new, random and sometimes downright strange looks. Recently though brows have been given the brush off and nails are back. This week? Mismatched nails are getting their 'Gram on.


Unlike so many nail trends that feel like they require one to have a degree in nail art, mismatched nails are a look we can all achieve, because they are what they are - quite simply you're just applying different colours on different nails. 


There's no pom poms or fancy patterns. No creating bubbles in which you'll add glitter, water and marine life. A swipe of pink here, a flick of yellow there (and yes I'm loving __giss.elle__'s take on mismatched nails. Elegant, yet fun and quirky all at the same time), and you're done!


Best of all you can still add your own touch of flair. A glitter nail here, a holo nail there, a holo glitter nail everywhere. It's a good time. It's a fun time. And with the warmer months approaching it's the perfect time for mismatched nails to have their day in the sun.

So do tell, are you a fan of mismatched nails? Or do you like your nails matchy-matchy? And if you could rock your own mismatched nails combo, what would you be rocking? Chat away!


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14th October, 2018

I don't mind just having one or two nails different on each hand but not all mismatched like the last photo,just doesn't look right to me.

6th October, 2018

My OCD tendencies do not allow for mis-matching of any kind, so a no from me. I'm half joking because I can laugh at myself, but deep down........this is serious business :)

1st October, 2018

I think mismatched nails tells a more complete story about a person than say just one set colour or style.

28th September, 2018

I am here for this! Appeals to my indecisiveness, lol

27th September, 2018

I love my mis-matching my nails, I do it all the time, especially on the feet! Minimum of 2 colours, alternating, but I have been known to use up to 4 colours alternating. On my hands currently I have a neutral grey, with a pink glitter over the top, sometimes the ring fingers are my feature colour, or I might alternate with 2 colours, Im loving Rose gold and Silver at the moment too

25th September, 2018

Its not something i will personally be doing.. ill just stick to having 1 statement nail different. However, i do like the the creativity and style that the above pictures show!

23rd September, 2018

They were a great new idea at the beginning and we all went mad! Plain, great colour, any colour, nails just look so much more classy! Having said that, I might just do a couple of sparkly jewels on a little finger ...

21st September, 2018

I like a little miss matchy, but not too extreme or different like the last photo :)

21st September, 2018

Some look nice, some too much. Depends on how you mix and match

20th September, 2018

They do look amazing I love them x

20th September, 2018

I reckon they're cute! Super fun, especially with spring coming in.

14th September, 2018

Looking fine to me... Probably because they do match to an extent

10th September, 2018

I like them as long as the colours compliment each other

7th September, 2018

I love mismatched nails. I like a mix of different colours

7th September, 2018

Oooooh I love the pink/black/silver look!