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Do You Want To Try a WHOLE New Range?

11 February, 2020 - 12:48pm by - First Lady | 120 Comments

Poll posted by BR Amelia

We're looking for reviewers to use and report back on an skincare trio, from the upcoming Garnier Organics range.

We're a little bit obsessed with the new Garnier Organics - they all smell AMAZING.  But sniff test aside - these products are doing more of what we all want to see in the beauty industry.

Our final Garnier Organics trial team is for three products containing a beautiful star ingredient - lavandin.  The 3 products promise smoother, firmer and soothed skin.

  • Smooth & Glow Facial Oil - Instantly nourishes and softens skin.
  • Anti-Age Day Care - Skin feels firmer and wrinkles appear reduced
  • Anti-Age Eye Care - Helps to reduce the appearance of eye contour wrinkles.

So - do you want to take these babies out for a spin?  You know the drill by now - get chatting below about all things Lavendin and tell us about your skin type too!  

Do You Want To Try a WHOLE New Range?

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