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Do You Regularly Fake It?

15 November, 2021 - 11:39am by - First Lady | 24 Comments

We're halfway through November, which means it's time to dust off the glad rags and start enjoying the long evenings and look forward to special occasions.  Sure we're in a pandemic but we've been promised Christmas and by golly gosh I think we deserve to make the most of it - which means going alllllll out when we do erm, get to go out.  And nothing sets off your going out-out make up more than a set of false eyelashes.

From subtle individual lashes to a complete lashline there's nothing like thicker, fuller, longer lashes to take your eye look to a new level.  Once you master how to apply them that is.  There is no doubt about it, applying false lashes can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to the adhesive. 

Which is why you'll want to know about the latest in lash innovation...HYDRO LASHES!

Glam By Manicare® HYDRO LASH uses a revolutionary water activated band for effortless application without the need to apply lash adhesive. You simply dip lash band in water to activate the adhesive and apply onto lash line.  They're designed for long lasting wear and a lightweight finish.  These mink effect lashes are cruelty-free, latex-free and can be reused up to 3 times!

We think they sound amazing - but of course we're not doing the reviewing, we need 30 members to form a trial team and put them to the test for us!  To put your hand up for this, or any of this week's trial teams, you just need to take a quick survey telling us a bit more about your lash use.

Click here to take our very quick survey!


Then why not come back here and chat to us about lashes - any tips for application?  Or do you find them just too tricky?

Do You Regularly Fake It?

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23rd November, 2021

Really depends on the occasion. I loveeee them when I'm really dressing up or even just natural looking ones but just day to day wear not so much! Soooo much effort to put on

20th November, 2021

Never worn fake lashes simply because it was just too much of an effort to put them on but would love to see how easy these hydro lashes would be to apply and see if they make my eyelashes look any better rather than using a mascara.

17th November, 2021

I have never tried fake lashes. They have always looked too tricky. I recently lost my lashes to chemo and they have grown back thinner so I might faking it for a while!

17th November, 2021

I would really love a more simple option for fake lashes. This is such a fabulous idea. I love that there aren't messy glues and bits and pieces. I'm terrible with that stuff. My lashes are annoyingly short so I really need something like this in my life. I would love to give it a very honest go. I am a bit hopeless applying these things so it would be a great test!

17th November, 2021

To be honest, the idea of applying falsies has always been a bit daunting to me. Love the effect though. Love that theres no glue involved with these. I'd love to try them out and have fab lashes.

17th November, 2021

So interesting! I'd love to test them out, I trialled the magnetic lashes by Manicare a while back and they didn't work so well as much as I hoped they would. These ones sound like they'd be a lot easier to apply.

17th November, 2021

I've never tried fake lashes but could certainly do with some, mine are terrible.

17th November, 2021

Would love to try, only time I’ve tried to do fake lashes myself was a massive gluey failure

17th November, 2021

My lashes absolutely suck. They are so small. Sitting there envious of my partner's beautiful lashes! These would be a god send going back to work next week.

17th November, 2021

Yes please! This sounds amazing looks like it will be game changing and way easier to apply than having to use glue. Would love to give this a go. Specially with the silly season coming.

17th November, 2021

I’d love to give these a go to see how long they last, cos wow they sound so much easier to apply!

17th November, 2021

Is this for real? This looks like an April Fool's joke....these look amazing!!!! I love fake eyelashes (maybe as I'm originally from England and we don't do makeup by half's). The little pots of glue, the swiping the eyelash across the back of your hand where the glue trail's so messy and always so hard to get right. Nothing worse than clumpy glue that dries after and you can't nail your liquid liner. These look fantastic and I would love to give them a go!

16th November, 2021

These sound great and look amazing

16th November, 2021

Oh wow, this sounds amazing! One of the reasons I avoid lashes is I find the whole fiddling with glue annoying. I love the idea of activating it with water!

16th November, 2021

OMG! Love to trial these! I have several pairs of false lashes at home both magnetic with the eyeliner and the adhesive ones. Always reach to apply then don't as they take too long and are too fiddly (not to mention the glue!). Would love to trial these puppies!!!

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