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Budget-Friendly Skincare - That's Top Rated!

7 July, 2023 - 07:32am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

The other day I came home with three grocery bags full of food and proudly stated to my significant other that the grand total was only $165. Only. Once upon a time that was a whole grocery cart's worth. Were there fancy cheeses in my three bags? No. Were there deli meats? Nope. Was there even a block of chocolate that was not on special. Heck no. If it's not on special I'm not buying it. And that goes for pretty much every grocery option out there. It's not just groceries I've been tightening my belt on, my skincare's getting a makeover wherever possible too, with my spendy skincare being swapped out for skincare savers. So what's out there that's not only wallet-friendly but provides excellent bang for your buck? Check out these Top Rated products that our Beauty Review Community love!


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - rated 4.4/5

You say: This skin cleanser is an absolute staple piece in my skin care routine as it’s so gentle and doesn’t dry my skin out. It makes my skin feel so cleansed and refreshed and does not break my skin out. BR Member - Jemma_terrill


Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Toner with Witch Hazel Aloe Vera - rated 4.5/5

You say: After cleaning my skin I apply the toner all over my face and neck and it makes my skin feel so lovely. I have noticed the pores on my skin are not as obvious and my skin feels really clean. Amazing feeling. BR Member - Pat17

Moisturiser - Face

NIVEA Soft Moisturising Cream - rated 4.5/5

You say: I've been using this moisturiser twice a day for a very long time. I've tried others but ALWAYS come back to this. It keeps my skin soft and moisturised. I've even had compliments on how great my skin looks! BR Member: Susu72 


Garnier Green Labs Hylu-Melon Serum Cream - rated 4.3/5

You say: This Garnier product was purchased at the supermarket while on holiday. It sounded good but at such a low price point, I didn't think it would do much more than moisturise. I was wrong. I have been using this product for a month now and have noticed my skin is smoother, plumper and has less lines. I am surprised at how effective it is. BR Member - Debsy


St Ives Oatmeal Face Scrub and Mask - rated 4.1/5

You say: This product can be used as a mask or scrub. I've used it as both and was happy with the outcome. After using it as a scrub, I find my skin appears calmer and not so patchy, and after the mask it is clear, calm and soft. BR Member - Hayleigh-Jane

Body Wash

Original Source Shower Gel - rated 4.5/5

You say: Such zingy and zesty fragrances I particularly love the lemon and lime. Texture is thick and smooth and glides over wet skin nicely. Great product at a great price,highly recommend. BR Member - fullercat

Body Moisturiser

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream - rated 4.8/5

You say: I've never had such an amazing moisturiser. I love how it is scent free, gentle on my sensitive skin, and that it doesn't leave an oily or greasy residue on my hands after using. It does a fantastic job in keeping my hands soft and hydrated. BR Member - Demon9720

Hand Cream

ecostore Extra Moisturising Hand Cream - rated 4.6/5

You say: This hand cream is another winner - as it's nourishing, yet gentle. The formula sinks well into dry hands and adds much needed moisturisation. So good! BR Member - Kellyleanne


Neutrogena Beach Defence Lotion SPF50 - rated 4.8/5

You say: I have brought this several times now and friends who borrow it at the beach etc. always end up buying a bottle of their own! The application is lightweight and it doesn't feel greasy on your skin as some sunscreen can. I am even happy to wear this on my face! BR Member - gemr

And there you have it! Skincare savers - for your face, body and wallet! 

So, are you looking for more budget-friendly beauty options? What products have you swapped out spendy for save-y for? Sharing is caring so get chatting below!



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25th November, 2023

I love a beauty bargin, II have used a lit of these wallet friendly items.

17th August, 2023

Love the look of Garnier serum.

28th July, 2023

I’ve always used the Nivea range, their face moisturisers and body moisturisers are always really good and I really like their toner it’s so nice and refreshing and the best part is they are always an affordable price!!

25th July, 2023

Can’t go wrong with Nivea moisturising cream

14th July, 2023

Love most of these, some I will have to try

13th July, 2023

Yep, always on the lookout for lower-cost dupes of expensive skincare. I firmly believe that price is not a reliable indicator of quality, and I can definitely vouch for the Garnier serum, Cetaphil cream and the Thayer's toner (which I ADORE). Also the Essano rosewater range - another goodie that you can grab at the supermarket. I haven't tried any Ecostore yet, but it sounds great. Just added it to my shopping list...

13th July, 2023

Have not tried the St Ives oatmeal scrub , definitely will get that on my list in the future , the Garnier serum is great to use and good value too .

12th July, 2023

Oh the Lime Original Source Shower Gel is one of my faves. But definitely being more budget-friendly more recently and particularly looking for bigger bulk versions - like Ecostore do a 900ml version of their body washes so the cost per ml is less.

11th July, 2023

Oh and the original source Raspberry & Vanilla shower gel smells so good.

11th July, 2023

A lot of the skincare I use is budget friendly - Cerave, Cetaphil, The Ordinary, Neutrogena, Bondi Sands, Aveeno, Dove etc. I’ll splurge where it counts but expensive definitely doesn’t always mean better. I see Kmart even has a budget active skincare range now and all the items are $6! I think it’s probably more aimed at teens but a 1% Retinol serum at 6 bucks is pretty much unheard of haha.

11th July, 2023

I’ve found Revolution Beauty at Chemist Warehouse, it’s a UK beauty brand and quite an affordable range. They have serums and mask treatments for around $12! Also check out The Ordinary now more widely available at most Farmers stores, I buy this range for my teens.



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