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The Beauty Vault - April
The Beauty Vault - April
Ecostore Skin: Hydrating Moisturiser Review
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Ecostore Skin: Hydrating Moisturiser Review

Overall rating:
A powerful combination of New Zealand seaweed and grapeseed extract, enhanced with harakeke, our hydrating moisturiser aids in cell regeneration and increases skin hydration.

Helps improve skin elasticity, for a softer, more hydrated looking complexion.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hydrating marine extracts
  • Super antioxidants from New Zealand grapeseed extract
  • New Zealand blackcurrant oil

Pack Size:  50ml 

RRP:  $26.99

Availability:  All good supermarkets



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Overall rating:
13th March, 2018 at 4:38 pm
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I actually LOVE this moisturiser! I have dry and oily skin so it's hard to find a moisturiser that works for both. It's so hydrating and good to use before applying makeup. It feels SO velvety on the skin and it's a lovely feeling! You don't have to use much to apply the product to your entire face, maybe a pea sized amount.

If you have dry skin in any other areas this works out really well even if the areas can be sensitive. My boyfriend's ears get really dry and flaky and as soon as I started using this on them it cleared up. So good for sensitive skin!

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