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Batiste Plumping Powder Review

Batiste Plumping Powder Review
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Batiste Plumping Powder If you love to make a statement with a big style, you know that keeping it big isn’t always easy. Batiste XXL Plumping Powder is the answer. It's ultra-light weight and perfect for straight, fine or slippery hair that doesn’t hold its style. A quick sprinkle will crank the volume up to 10 all day and all night.


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Batiste Plumping Powder Review

Batiste Plumping Powder Review


Overall rating:
3rd March, 2016
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salt & pepper shaker?!

Product is a white powder which comes out of a thing tube, like a salt and pepper shaker!

I wouldn't use this everyday, you apply to roots and the hair does lift but as the residue is like using too much hairspray or a glue type substance it extra sticky!

I would use this more for a night out due to the residue.

packaging is cute and easy to keep in your beauty bag!

great if you don't want to back comb your hair!

Tips: use a small amount, otherwise you will have glued down hair!

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