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The Beauty Brands We're Dying To Try!

15 July, 2023 - 07:20am by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Kellie

Recently we wrote about the beauty brands we were once dying to try that have now dropped off our radar, largely because there's been an amazing influx of brands into New Zealand, thanks to the likes of Sephora, Mecca, and Beauty Bliss. However, that doesn't mean there aren't more beauty brands that have caught our eye. Surprise, surprise, there are many. Brands that have us intrigued. Brands that have us oohing and aahing. Brands that - most importantly - we wish we could touch before we try. So which brands are we hankering for to land on our fair shores? 


Italian indie brand Nabla was founded in 2013, and while it would pop up on my radar here and there due to their sending PR to YouTubers, I never really took a heck of a lot of notice of the brand's offerings until recently, when they released the Skin Glazing Blush. Now, I'm not a fan of shiny blushes as I have a lot of texture on my skin, but something about that release caught my attention, and since then I've added their Beyond Jelly Lipstick, Angel Aura primer, Cutie Palette Nude, and Skin Bronzing powder to my list of wants. No. Needs. But, me being me, I really want to touch before I try, so, Nabla, if you're reading this, please find a stockist in Aotearoa. I beg you.

Moira Beauty

Not since the advent of Flower Beauty have I yearned for a budget-friendly cosmetic company to be available in the flesh in New Zealand. Moira Beauty is the name on the tip of every single beauty YouTuber I watch. I've seen dedicated Moira makeup videos (which they all say's not sponsored... so I guess I have to believe them...), I've seen Moira pop up in Get Ready With Me clips, I've seen them mentioned as a new favourite brand. The products are affordable, and best of all they seem to work wonderfully. Personally, I'm dying to try the Starshow Shadow Pot and the cream blushes.

Glaminatrix Cosmetics

Glaminatrix Cosmetics is an Australian indie brand that had one release last year that had me adding to cart, then waiting, then leaving. Adding to cart, then waiting, then leaving. Adding to c-... You get the picture. The Nearly Natural eyeshadow palette is truly a thing of beauty. The colours are neutral, but still interesting, and apparently the formula is fantastic. But that's not enough for me to hit the "go" button. I need to touch, to swatch, to see for myself. Farmers, Mecca, Sephora, someone, anyone please get them instore already.


I am sure Buxom was available at Mecca when Mecca first came to New Zealand. Like 99.9% sure. However, it's not now and I wish it was. The more I see people talk about Buxom's Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss, the more I want it on my shrivelled lips. (Joking, I use balm on the regular, but gosh I'd love a little extra oomph in volume.) The colours look beautiful, the results magnificent. I need it on my kissers.

Uoma Beauty

Whenever I hear a beauty guru talk about Uoma Beauty, it's with an air of respect, of reverence in their tone. This brand can do no wrong. I seriously don't think I've ever heard a bad word said about it by anyone in the influencer industry. As for the products? They look as beautiful as the brand's name suggests (Uoma means beautiful), with the Say What?! Foundation, and the Royal Heir-itage Color Palette being two of a very long list of products I'd love to try.

Ace Beauté

If it wasn't for YouTuber Angelica Nyqvist, I'd probably have never discovered Ace Beauté. Being the queen of eyeshadow looks that she is, she knows good formula, she knows great makeup, and she's often raved about Ace Beauté. I must admit, I thought they were a brand who specialised in eyeshadow, however they also do powder products, lips, and lashes. I'd like to try all of it on my face, because if the rest of their products is anything like the quality of their eyeshadows, they'll have aced it.

So, my beauties, are there any beauty brands you're dying to try? Have you tried any of the above? And were they all that and a bag of chips? Get chatting below!



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22nd August, 2023

I haven't tried any of the above but would be open to.

24th July, 2023

Those eyeshadows look tempting

23rd July, 2023

Not familiar with any of these brands but keen to learn more about them.

21st July, 2023

Not heard of any of these brands

21st July, 2023

Not heard of these brands before, but l like the look of the colors.

20th July, 2023

I barely watch beauty videos on YT anymore so haven't heard of most of these brands.



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