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About Me I am a mum of 2 kiddies and have an amazing hubby. I love all things beauty.


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3rd April, 2013 at 10:38 pm
TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner
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Tresemme split end remedy duo !

I was super excited to be selected for this particular product due to having heavily coloured white blonde hair. Tresemme is renoun for its promise of cheap prices but 'salon treatment' experience. Ok so lets begin my nice juicey review by starting with the obvious :

Packaging- Overall its very distinct I can always suss out a tresemme bottle, they are largely sized and usually always black for shampoo and white for conditioner. Which is great as no fannying about when in a rush in the supermarket! also easy for male consumers! Now the overall appearance of the packaging is nothing special, but the size of the bottles are pretty impressive. After reading other peoples reviews about it not being value for money. I'm afraid I do not agree, super markets are always having coupon specials for shampoo! This is a cheaper alternative than a salon brand,and not half bad! The only niggle I have about the packaging is rather than having a screw top a pump would be better. It would be much more efficient as less product would be used.(which would solve the value for money debate)

As far as the shampoo and conditioner consistency goes, I would describe them as a thicker and heavier consistency. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however if you use too much your hair will feel weighty and greasy. As far as the smell of both goes, it is pleasant but nothing overly distinguishable from other brands. Hint for treseme :if your claiming to be up there with the salon brands make yours smell much better! Products need to smell beautiful to enhance a persons overall experience!

Treseme makes big big promises...almost dangerous promises! The scepticism already kicked in for me when reading the whole '3 washes miracle cure' selling point. It is almost like they are setting themselves up for failure... Overall I was impressed with the way in which it made my hair feel, the texture was yummy and nourished my fine blonde locks. However do I really believe in the 3 wash miracle cure?No. Being a beautician I am well aware of client's wanting quick fixes for skincare...I'm sure hair is no exception. There are so many factors to consider : age, gender, genes, diet, health and of course hair type! And how much money and time are we prepared to invest in out hair?that's anybodys guess!

Yes my hair felt beautiful and the treatment appeared to form almost a 'seal' around the ends, but to see significant results I would have to be using this set over a series of MONTHS to make a fully informed decision on the reduction of my split ends.

Tips: Always shampoo the hair twice, the first shampoo will not lather up as much as the second. the second shampoo is required to really intensify the pollutant removal process. When applying the conditioner be sure to only apply to the ENDS of the hair, applying to the roots will leave the hair feeling greasy. Also be sure to leave the conditioner in for at least 3 minutes.

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Great in depth review. Thank you for sharing :)