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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug
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About Me I am 34 years old mother of 2 kids. I want to keep my looks updated and young. I always dare to try something new with my looks. I don't comprise on the quality of products that I use.

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13th July, 2017 at 12:14 am
Real Techniques Your Base/Flawless, Expert Face Brushes Review
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Absolutely Amazing!

I first got this brush as I went through a phase of using stick cream foundation. I was struggling to find a brush that would apply cream foundation well - kabuki, stippling, beauty blender... None of these did the trick and I ended up using my fingers. So when I found out about this brush, I decided to give this a go, and boy, was it a good decision!

This brush blends cream foundation like a dream, without absorbing excessive product and leaving streaks. I love how dense and soft the bristles are, and how this brush has a flat base so it can stand on its own. I wished all makeup brushes were like that! When I was travelling, I packed minimal makeup products that included a cream foundation stick and a cream blush stick. I would use one side of the brush for foundation, and the other side for blush. I would then spray on a brush cleanser after, wipe off the excess product, and let it dry overnight.

I have used this brush for over a year, and haven't had any shedding despite regular washing. It's definitely one of my favourite makeup brushes and its the only brush I would use for applying cream foundation.

Tips: Brush outwards from the centre of the face and light strokes, then buff the product in for a flawless finish.

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Thanks for the advise, I so want to try it now.