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Overall rating:
2nd June, 2014 at 4:56 pm
QVS Black Head Remover Review
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Great little tool

I use this tool frequently and absolutely love it. It's easy to hold, easy to work with and does the job well. The loop is my favourite - press it against the spot/black head and pull down your face slightly and it forces all the gunk out. I frequently use this on my chin as I have quite large pores and they tend to accumulate dirt even when I cleanse well.

Tips: Press in pull down towards your feet slowly to force hard-to-clean blackheads out.

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Great review thanks - I love that it's easy to use and the tip you've given is helpful.

Overall rating:
6th November, 2013 at 7:57 pm
Sugar Baby Golden Glamour Salon Style Instant Self Tan Spray.
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Even Tan, No Mess

This was an incredibly easy self tanner to use. The mist is super fine and, provided you hold the can about 20-30 cm away from your leg, the mist coats evenly over the leg without any blotching which eliminates the need to run it in! The end result is a very natural coloured tan. For people like me who like a reasonably dark tan, a few coats did the trick and it meant it built up over a few days rather than a drastic tan. I think this one is perfect for winter when you want that colour without looking like it was an effort. All in all it is fabulous and for $24.95 I rate it much higher than some of its peers that leave you with an 'Orange' Glow - very undesired.

Tips: use a gradual tanning moisturiser to extend the tan and keep it from flaking due to dry skin. Also don't be afraid to lightly exfoliate in the days following the tan as it removes some of the flakiness and gives a great canvas for your gradual tanning moisturiser. Also, keep a scrubbing mit or puff handy when applying as, if you do need to rub some blotches in, you want to be able to scrub that off your hands quickly to avoid tanned palms. Lastly, avoid heavily perfumed body washes/soaps as these actually remove your tan much quicker! Stick to some of the more natural ones or ph balanced body washes and it will help keep your beautiful golden glow much longer.

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This sounds like the go to product to get that amazing summer tan look without to many hassles. Like looking orange or blotchy. Definitely going to try this before that to prolong my tan finish. Thanks for he tips about exfoliation and washes.

It definitely seems from the reviews that this is the best one to buy and try. Thanks for the review and tip :)

Overall rating:
19th July, 2013 at 5:11 pm
Max Factor CC Cream [DISCONTINUED]
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It's MAC Foundation is retired!

Ok so i'm a sucker for hype so when I read about CC creams I was keen to try them out and was too impatient to wait for the reviews on BR to appear.

They appear to come in about 3-4 shades only from fair to dark. I've given shade "60" medium a whirl.

First thing that struck me was that the tube is not that big, 30ml. But to be fair i've been using powder foundation with a brush for the last few years so it's probably on parr with other liquid foundation sizes.

It contains SPF 10 which is probably better than nothing but I don't know why they bothered with it as it really doesn't add anything to the product and if you were spending time outside you'd certainly put on a specific sunscreen with a higher SPF.

BB creams to me were more like moisturiser with a hint of colour, but this is definitely more "foundation like" comes out the tube like a foundation, goes on like a foundation.

I've got to say I LOVE it. I really use foundation to even out my skin tone and this does it all, I thought my skin looked refreshed and glowing with it on and it lasted all day.

My MAC 65 has now been officially retired and it's CC for me all the way..until I guess DD cream comes up...

Tips: Apparently Farmers has it on an intro offer for $20 right now...if you didn't make the BR trial team get yourself down there and bag a tube now!

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Definitely looking forward to trying this. So many fab reviews.

Awesome review! This one is on the list to try!!!

Thanks so much for your review as I love my MAC foundation and find that I can't keep up with the cost though. I will definitely buy this as I need to cover my red cheeks and even out skin tone.

How did you find the colour? Was it a good match? I'm just unsure as to whether I am a 'fair' or a 'medium' in this brand...

Great review, thanks for the heads-up re Farmers. That's a fab price.

Sounds pretty good if you have to put your MAC foundation down. I hope to try this one day