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The Beauty Vault - Aug
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About Me Blue eyes, brownish blondish hair. Love all things beauty and constantly trying new things! I'm a firm believer that in most cases you get what you pay for, so I generally err towards the 'premium' brands, but at the same time I think there are some real gems to be found in the cheaper brands and bang for buck is always key! Acne and uneven skintone are the bane of my existence.


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22nd June, 2017 at 5:14 pm
Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains for Face Review
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Great idea, ridiculous price

Ever been sucked into a purchase by a really nice, helpful salesperson who you felt too guilty to say no to? Welcome to the story of how I ended up with an $80 bottle of buffing grains. EIGHTY DOLLARS friends.

I really love the concept of being able to turn any of the products in your existing routine into your exfoliant, and these grains were a lovely size and texture. The bottle was beautiful - it certainly felt very luxurious.

I can't fault the product itself at all - it gets a solid 5/5 for 'Did it do what it said it would?'. If you strongly prefer to physically exfoliate but can't find a product that suits your skin then this is a wonderful option for you.

However, I absolutely won't be buying them again as that is just too freaking expensive.

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You're telling me! lol

WOW that's some expensive grains. Must have been one great sales person!! Can't say id see my self spending that much!

Overall rating:
24th March, 2015 at 2:51 pm
VS Sassoon 3Q Hair Dryer Review
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A bit over-hyped

I was lucky enough to trial the VS Sassoon 3Q and I was so excited I was practically pouncing on the poor courier every time I saw them! Unfortunately (and I feel terribly guilty here saying anything bad about a fairly expensive product that I got for free) I had a pretty mixed experience with it. But repeat after me - I must not tell lies! My lovely BR ladies need me, so here goes...

I was pretty impressed initially. It's a lot lighter than my current hair dryer (an older VS model that's getting on in years now!) and at least a wee bit lighter than other current dryers I've been eyeing up in Farmers lately. It has 3 power settings instead of the 2 I'm used to, and the cold shot is a switch rather than a button you have to try and hold down consistently while blow drying your hair, which is brilliant (this might be common, but I've only ever had buttons on my hair dryers!), though not a feature I use.

It's also a lot quieter than my previous hair dryer, though not the whisper I was half expected from their marketing. My cat didn't immediately bolt from her spot on the other side of the bedroom when I turned it on, though, so definitely a win for the 3Q on that one.

My hair is naturally straight and very fine, so it dries moderately quickly and tends not to tangle overly easily. The biggest struggle I have with it when blow drying is little frizzy hairs that stand up on the top of my head, so I was really looking forward to testing their claim that it would eliminate static and reduce frizzies by up to 75%. Unfortunately, this was the single biggest let down with this hair dryer and probably the one thing that's going to prevent me from carrying on using it. Not only did it not help my frizzies, it made them much worse! I ended up with about 4 times as many as I usually get, and they were so much more stubborn than normal! I had to use twice as much hairspray to get them down leaving my hair horribly crunchy, and even then some of them wouldn't stay put!

I also had some trouble finding a balance between the speed settings - low was pretty much ineffective (though probably great if you've styled your hair and want to help it dry without moving it at all), the medium was too low to dry my hair as quickly as I like, and the high setting was good and fast, but maybe too strong as it caused my hair to tangle, though it definitely did a darn quick job of drying it!

It left my hair feeling nice and silky, but it certainly didn't look any shinier than usual (admittedly, my hair is naturally pretty shiny). The true cold is definitely a TRUE cold not just luke warm like most hair dryers (seriously, brrr!).

Overall, it does seem like it has great potential and if it wasn't for the increased frizzies I would definitely be continuing to use it. As it is, though, I think this might be a great hair dryer for ladies with heavier, thicker hair than mine, and I'll definitely be passing it on to a friend whose hair checks those boxes to see how she gets on!

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This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Update! Looks like the 3Q and I had a reverse honeymoon period - after the first couple of weeks adjustment period the frizzies weren't as bad as they originally were. I've updated my rating accordingly, and will definitely keep using it now.

Overall rating:
20th January, 2015 at 3:02 pm
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review
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Not for everyone!

I say its not for everyone because I have pretty sparse and light eyebrows; I could not get this product to look "natural" (as natural as filled in eyebrows can look!).

I purchased this in Dark Brown from Beauty Bay. The first time I used this I wore it to the gym to ensure it was sweat proof! In which it was so I was reassured wearing it during summer.

How to apply - I literally just touch the brush to the product, with no pressure, you don't need much as it is very pigmented. Brush along the bottom of you eyebrow to create the shape and then pull the product upwards and across. It also helps to tame the brows.

After a fair bit of usage, it has developed a "crust" - almost like a rubbery texture. I have scrapped this off so that I can continue using this! Seems a bit wasteful but I guess it dries out a bit each time you use.

Also this particular product is made in China. Not that I have an issue with this, but it needed to be mentioned. I would consider Anastasia products to be "high end" so I was not expecting this to be produced in China.

Great for when you want a dramatic look, otherwise the creamy consistency and pigmentation added to my sparse eyebrows isn't ideal for everyday "natural" look.

Tips: Use a spooley to blend

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Awesome! I will try this :) thanks

Have you tried storing it upside down? Products like this and cream or gel eye-liners are best stored upside down to prevent drying out :)