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My Beauty Space


To contribute to NZ's biggest beauty guide

Beauty Review wouldn't be New Zealand's biggest beauty guide without...YOU!  We want this to be your own beautiful corner of the internet.  The first part of the site to check out?  Your BEAUTY SPACE.

It's really easy to personalise your Beauty Space, making it easier to get more from Beauty Review, and connect with other beauty loves in New Zealand.  

***Your personal information including your real name, address, phone number and email address are private - and always will be.  We hold your personal information with the utmost care and respect.***

These 10 things are public parts of your profile that you can customise to create your own personal Beauty Space.

1.  Your Profile Picture. 

This is displayed next to every review and every comment you place around the site.  We LOVE seeing our members, but your profile picture can be anything you like - your favourite flower, your cat, anything!

2.  Your Social Media.

If you want other members to be able to follow you via social media, copy and paste the URL* of your profile pages into the boxes and they'll be able to find your feeds.

3. Your About Me

Tell us a bit about who you are, what kind of beauty gal you are and what you like getting up to.

4.  Members You Follow

See a review you think is well written?  Maybe the reviewer has the same hair or skin type as you and you want to keep an eye on what else they recommend?  Hover over their profile pic, click +Follow and they'll appear in this list.

5.  Refer a friend.

Love BR?  Send your friends your unique referral link and you'll earn points when they sign up and MORE points when they get involved.

6.  My Beauty Bookmarks.

Did you know you can bookmark articles?  Look for the HEART at the top of the article and click Add to my Beauty Bookmarks.  This is where you'll find them for later reference.

7.  Your reviews.

Every product you've reviewed will display here.  

8.  Products to Review.

Bought a new product?  Been sent one to trial? Add it to your Products to Review list so you don't forget to review it!

9.  Products you want.

Make your wishlist a real thing by keeping track of products you want to try.  It's also a great place to direct clueless other halves when it's your birthday, anniversary or Christmas - you can even share this list by copying and pasting the Beauty Bookmarks URL.

10.  Your Photos.

Every photo you upload to the Photowall will display here.  Cool things to post include; Makeup of The Day, BR trial products, experiences and results and shopping hauls.  If it's beauty related - we want to see it!