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I saw a forum a while ago on teeth whitening, sorry I cant find it so I have started a new one. Does anyone know any tricks/products which actually whiten teeth. I am a non smoker and I dont drink coffee, I brush my teeth twice a day but my teeth are still a bit yellow and it bugs me. 

P.s I couldn't find a better place to put this than deoderants.
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Hiya, well I do oil pulling and use virgin cold pressed coconut, its basically swishing the coconut around your mouth like you would with listerine but for about 20mins.  You start of doing it for as long as you can, I think my first time was 8mins then increase to 20mins, then of course spit it out then brush your teeth.  I have also noticed my teeth are quite a bit whiter, now I have horrible weak sensitive teeth and have tried so many whitening products over the years but nothing has satisfied me as much as oil pulling.  Give it a google and see what you think, you can use other oils but I prefer coconut as I also use it on my eyelashes  and cuticles. Good Luck
Thanks for the oil pulling info.  I have heard a bit about it and it sounds intriguing! 
First Lady
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Hi ladies,

We were talking about doing an oil pulling BR challenge - would any one be up for that?  It seems to be the "must-do" at home beauty treatment at the moment!


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I'm keen to try oil pulling. I have soft enamel so don't do the whitening strips; oil pulling sounds a bit more gentle..,?
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I'd be keen to try an oil pulling challenge... even though the thought of it makes me feel a little sick, I'll give anything a go! I'm sure after you get over the initial thought of swishing oil around in your mouth, it will feel completely normal.
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Wow, this sounds like a cool idea.  I've just purchased some coconut oil, so will be interesting to see what results I get.   Sounds fun BR xx
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Not a challenge to me anymore, part of my daily routine.  You know me though BR I certainly would of taken the challenge, come on fellow BRs take the challenge, its really worth it xxxx
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Would be interested in the challenge I have seen this batted around a bit of late but not sure if the fuss is to be belived.
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I would be keen to try. It does sound a bit icky but I suppose yyou get used to it. I will have to buy some nicer oil. I only have cooking oil.
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I really recommend CeresOrganics Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut which you can get from Health Shops or the Organic section of supermarket, definatly Countdown.  Do a bit of research though there are other oils you can use for pulling.  
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I try do this when I remember - usually use olive oil or coconut it leaves the teeth feeling really shiny and seems to lessen plaque build up throughout the day. It also does wonders for sensitive teeth and I dont have to use sensitive toothpaste anymore.
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Tried & failed it a few times now.Seems to hit my gag reflex, ha! 
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Oooh yes! I've heard heaps about oil pulling so would totally be keen on a BR challenge :D 
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This is definately something id be keen to look into more!
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Yep yep I'm keen to try this!
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Iv never heard of this but definitely keen to give it a try. Do you have to do it daily or can u easy yourself into it with frequency as well as length of time? 
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Iv never heard of this but definitely keen to give it a try. Do you have to do it daily or can u easy yourself into it with frequency as well as length of time? 
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Hi Jenni029 everyday is best, I got into the habit for about 6 weeks then went away for 2 weeks and I really missed the feeling on my teeth, so have got back into the habit.  I actually need to research how long you should do it for but I'm so happy with results its included in my morning rituals, I don't take 20mins in the shower but by the I've got in, put my moisteiser on after, done my hair etc the time has flown by, didn't take long to get use to.
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Hi BR Natalie

Sign me up :)

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Wow never heard of this before. I don't have problem with yellowing teeth or feel the need to whiten but I do have sensitive teeth and get plaque really easily, so if it would help with that I'd give it a try. Does anyone else find it helps reduce plaque and sensitivity?
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This is right up my alley. Would love to give it a go, sounds very interesting :)
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Just been reading an interesting wee blog that suggests tumeric can be used to whiten teeth.

The blog points to the above website but she actually mentions using tumeric in the following manner:

"So, my newest invention is a mixture of coconut oil, baking soda, and turmeric. I mix these elements together, then fill a tooth guard, and leave it sitting on my teeth for about 10 minutes. Then I brush. This promotes shiny, white teeth without the use of peroxide or chemicals."

Just thought you might be interested in this if you're doing the pulling challenge.
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Turmeric, eh? Been hearing a lot about the wonders of turmeric lately. Would be interesting to see if it makes a difference. 
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that's interesting considering turmeric powder actually stains a lot of stuff, like curry stain, on plastics etc
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I've tried the oil pulling with coconut oil and i don't know how your suppose to last 20 minutes! My jaw gets so saw and tired of sloshing it around! I did about 12 minutes and i saw some difference maybe i need to  do it more regularly? 
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Seen oil pulling all over social media atm, very keen to give it ago, ive seen some amazing before and after pics and im all for natural remedies
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How coconut oil could whiten your teeth?? how does it work? I don't understand since it's oil and oil is not acid...
Head Pixie
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Hi AdriannaTh - check out this article for more info on oil pulling  :) xo  (And welcome to the forum!)
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I find oils a bit gagging so I don't think I could do this one -Even the thought of it makes me feel Yuk .
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OMG I have been seeing the turmeric teeth whitening thing everywhere lately and just tried it. 

DONT!! My kids are in hysterics because my teeth are so YELLOW!! Oops 
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Oh no! So if you don't smile tomorrow we all know why lol.
Do you have coconut oil? Scrub your teeth with that and see if it helps remove the staining
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Ohhh Ringy!! 
That's no good! You're not having a good run are you!

If you can stand it... try some lemon juice on a cottin tip... 
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+1 for pulling coconut oil.  I do 10-25 minutes 3+ times a week.  My teeth have gotten much healthier and whiter. 
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I've been think about this the other day and I really want to try it. I think I'm will do some more research on it first. I have a metal retainer on my bottom teeth, does anyone else who has this or braces do oil pulling? And if so, does the oil have any impact on it at all. I wouldn't think it would, but I heard it's bad to do if you have braces and it's seems to be a myth to me and I haven't heard the logic behind it.
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also, does anyone know if BR ended up doing the piling pulling challenge? I don't remember seeing anything about it and I can't find it on the site so I'm guessing it didn't happen.
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Miss qt,  do you just mean that piece of wire attached behind your front teeth? I have that and I oil pull and I havent noticed any issues from it. On another note, are you just going to keep yours on forever? I got my braces off at 15, or maybe 16 so I've had it on for 13 years now. I'm paranoid that if it gets taken off, my teeth will move!
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Rezee, a dentist told me that after having braces your teeth could move at any time, even 20 years later. Mine have definitely moved. The same dentist said they would never be as bad as they were before braces as my bottom teeth now act as a natural retainer to my top teeth (I didn't even have a proper 'bite' pre-braces!)
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Yes rezee that's exactly what I have. I no longer have braces but have a permanent wire behind my bottom teeth. I was told that my teeth could move after the braces had been taken off and the retainer is there to prevent movement. That's good to know that oil pulling hasn't had any impact on the retainer then :) I tend to get a bit of plaque in my front bottom teeth where the retainer is. Have you noticed that oil pulling reduces plaque at all?
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No, I haven't really noticed any difference in plaque reduction. Yes tht is te down point to the wire though! I need a filling in between my top two teeth and im pretty sure its because of the wire. I just like how coconut oil makes my teeth feel, like it helps them feel cleaner plus whitens them a bit too.
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Try this, Tom's if Maine Natural Antiplaque Tartar Control & Whitening- they use authentic natural ingredients. They also use zinc citrate sourced from zinc. A naturally accurring mineral and xylitol, a natural ingredient derived from birch trees or corn. Plus, natural flavoring for a taste that will make you look forward to brushing. 

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