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Rexona for Women - I can't breath when spraying!

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I couldn't find this as a product to review but I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.
I've used this brand for many years and have recently bought one of those rexona for women new shape cans and every time I spray I suffocate and I start coughing so hard I want to vomit. The only way I can put it on now is under my clothes so the spray doesn't go everywhere and even then I have to hold my breath, it also makes me itchy and it doesn't even work I feel sweaty after a couple of hours!

Does anyone else have the same problem? Rexona use top be the best brand for deodorants for me and the only one that worked :S
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Hi Reina

Sounds like you should write a review on it =) I noticed you said you couldn't find it to review so there is a thread in here just for adding new products, source it out by going up to the search bar and typing in add product.

I don't use Rexona so I wouldn't be able to comment =) 
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Thanks for the tip, have just done that, I found another AU review site where most of the recent reviews have problems like me so it must be a health concern for a few users
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I found this too!! When I sprayed it, it made me cough and gag. I had to spray it then go to the opposite side of the room away from the fumes.
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Oh my god this sounds terrible! I think you girls should stop using it haha it doesn't sound like its good for you at all! Maybe contact the company about it? 
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I had the same problem with Nivea Sensitive protect. Spray and walk away, less than 30 secs it takes to gag and suffocate. Wouldn't use it again for sure. 
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Glad to see I'm not the only one!Maybe I'll go back to using Dove or just a roll on.. I might try contacting the company and letting them know anyway but I suspect they might already know
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I started getting the same reaction to other spray antiperspirants, so now I use a stick one.
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I've had exacgly the same reaction with this product - obviously the new formula or shape of can has caused it to be not exactly bareable when using! I have to hold my breath, spray it on on one side of the room, then go back to the other side where I can breath. It's truly horrible!
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Spray deoderants, perfume and aftershave (on men obviously lol) all have the same effect on me.

I'm allergic to it, sneeze and cough. Not nice. I'm sticking to roll on :)
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That is terrible - not to mention scary!
This doesn't sound safe to use at all, if its stopping/blocking your glands from sweating, what is it doing to your lungs (when you're forced to inhale it) if that's the reaction you have? Makes me wonder! Yikes.
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I have the same problem i spray it in another room and then run to the other so i dont die of suffocation.. I stopped using it now and its 3/4 full still..
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Hell damn try dove
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I have the same issue with the Nivea 48hr I wondered if it was to do with the formulation for staying power?  I also don't like Lynx being sprayed in the same room (I don't mind once it has settled).
I made the error of rushing out of my house without spraying myself and thought I would just apply in the car... um not a great idea in winter ladies... windows down to enable breathing and it was brrrrrrrr lol

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Yes! I thought this was just me haha 
11 posts
Yes! I thought this was just me haha 
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I have switched to roll ons due to the same problem.. I am so glad I have been using roll ons while my chest has been playing up or I would be suffering my butt off!
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same happened to me
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I havent tried the rexona for women, but i know the rexona men one is the same. My partner gets up way earlier than me, and sprayed it in the room one timee. Gross. It caught it my throat, and made me cough like crazy. Lets just say he wont be doing that again ;)
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I prefer roll ons for the very reason you have told us however this one sounds extreme. _ I would advise the Company and also do a review
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I used to use Rexona alot, but now I'm using roll on alot more in winter.I tend to use sprays more in summer.
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Fiance used to use the mens Rexona in the morning, good lord. I'd get up a few hours later and I could still smell it and taste it in the back of my throat. It's bloody potent! 
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I use a stick roll on but can vouch for the mens rexona. That stuff suffocates, my ex used to use it every morning. I'd have to crawl under the bed sheets while the smell settled. So insanely strong.

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