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On the topic of deodorants

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I was talking to a lady in the organic industry who recommended using a crystal deodorant stick. She mentioned how much better it was for the delicate skin there and that it was a much less harmful product to apply near breast tissue. Now her points are really good. But I'm wondering if that kind of deodorant would be nearly as effective to counteract sweating as my good old chemical deodorant. So if you've tried any kind of natural deodorant I would be interested to know if you noticed a difference in how they deal with sweat levels.
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I have used crystal sticks, crystal spray and natural handmade deoderants. And while those things work to an extent I haven't found any natural deoderant that kept my armpits completely dry. However, the crystal works by cutting back on bacteria so that when you do sweat it doesn't smell or smell as much. Natural deoderants work similar. My armpits aren't completely dry but there are times when they are during the day. If you are going to go the natural deoderant route. I would recommend using a crystal spray or crystal stick at night as that helps your deoderant to work better the next day. I found out when I used the natural deoderant paste with baking soda in overnight, that if your body warms up and you end up sweating that the baking soda is a bit abbrasive and isn't comfortable to have on your sheets or pjs. So I don't recommend using a baking soda based deoderant overnight. 
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hey I've never use these deodorants before, but have a look at these reviews here 
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I've used No3's Underbalm, which is a baking soda based natural paste deodorant.  The grittiness of the baking soda is only felt while it's being applied and once the paste has been absorbed into the skin (takes about 3 minutes), there's absolutely no residue that could possibly get onto clothing, PJ's or sheets.  And yes, I do use this at night and I haven't felt any grittiness if I do sweat during the day.  The only time there would be a residue is if far too much product has been used, but Underbalm have a useful "how to use" video on their website.  My full review of Underbalm is here.

No product applied to your underarms is going to keep you completely dry and sweat free, unless you block up the pores.  I still used to sweat (get damp armpits without odour) when using a 48 hr antiperspirant.   Sweat glands produce liquid sweat, it's what the body does.  The only way to stop this and to be completely dry all day is medically, either via injections or surgery.  
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Thanks all. Will probably give one a go but keep the old antiperspirant handy.
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Never tried natural deodorant before. Definately want to try that Underbalm. I hope its in the vault. 
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I've never tried one either. Tempting...
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I've been using the liquid crystal deodorants recently because of going to yoga it sort of seemed to defeat the purpose of going to here to sweat and then putting antiperspirant on to stop it afterwards. So the crystal was to stop the smell but allow sweat, but it works to stop sweat too I have noticed. My 10 year old uses an actual crystal one that you wet because she has sensitive skin and it works a treat to stop smelly school kid smell and it lasts for ever. 

I did did go away in the school holidays and I took a regular roll on deodorant to use and my under arms were super itchy after just one day! I must have been immune to it before but after going chemical free under there for a while you can really notice a difference. 

I I have purchased them from iherb and local chemists, same price as regular deodorant really, and the solid crystal is cheap and lasts a long, long time so would be the most cost effective. 

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