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Need a better deodorant for summer! Help please!xx

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Hey guys! So this may seem slightly awkward but in summer I generally require a stronger deodorant because obviously you sweat more in hotter weather. However, this summer I have been unable to find a reliable deodorant which lasts the day. I don't smell awful by the end of the day as I obviously re apply as needed, but I absolutely hate the smell of the actual sweat mixed with the fragrance of the anti perspirant >:( Anybody have any recommendations??
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   I have that problem too. Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant and is my go to but even after awhile I find it doesn't always keep my armpits dry. So here's what I've been doing towards the end of last year and it works. I have a few deoderants that I rotate between. I might use a different one each day, whenever I go out I'll avoid natural deoderants but I'll use them at home. For example if I'm going to be out for the day I'll wear Dove Clinical Protection or Nivea Stress-Protect (since I still have my little spray bottle from the trial, since I used it for the trial for a couple weeks and then put in the drawer and forgot about it). On a day that I'm home I'll use a natural deoderant like the Herb Farm's roll on or I recently received a decent-sized sample of Lush's Aromaco deoderant (it's not anti-perspirant but I don't stink even if my armpits are wet). At bedtime I'll use Body Crystal spray deoderant. I've found using that deoderant at bedtime makes my deoderant in the morning work better if spray that on before bed it doesn't stop sweating but it cuts back on the odor. And if I my armpits are dry when I wake up and I apply deoderant over that then the deoderant works better.
   Another tip that works wonders for body odor and sweating is to mix powdered chlorophyll in your water and drink it at least once a day. I've found that when I do my sweat doesn't smell as sharp and my deoderant somehow probably because it helps to cleanse and alkalinize your blood. 
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I use MUM all year round, and it doesn't matter how much running around I do I never get a case of the sweat smells.  I reckon it's one of the most underated deo's around :)
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Thank you! I'll have to give a few of those brands a go! <3
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Hello there, I have the same problem and there are only a few deoderants that work for me. The best one is the Rexona clinical protection which is around $14 but lasts a long time. The wind up cream dries out to a powder form, I have attached it to here for you to have a read of the reviews, I hope this helps
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Also going to give Dove Clinical Protection a big ups- I love, love love this product as a summer strength deodorant. Nice neutral smell and definitely keeps you smelling fresh. 
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I love the rexona clinical protect
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I'm the same as a lot of the other girls. The Clinical Protect ranges are really good. The Dove and Rexona. I also see there is a Nivea Stress Protect version now but I don't like that one as much as the others.

I also like the Stress Protect Spray/Roll on from Nivea! I think its just about giving lots of different ones a go and see how you feel. Rexona Clinical Protect is a it pricey for a deodorant (about $14) but it lasts for a long time and works. There is a Summer Strength one out also which might be a good option?

Good luck!!!!

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Totally recommend the rexona clinical protection!  It's a bit more expensive than standard antipersperant but really does the job better than anything.
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I have been using it for 2 years now and its amazing as all other deaodrants have failed on me. No sweat marks no odours 
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I used to use Nivea Pearl. Its not my fave tho. I normally like using Rexona but havent in a while been using body shimmer and perfumes.
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I personally like the Dove clinical protection, I have been using the Rexona one lately (and still trying to think about my review for it) and I didn't like it quite as much.
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Have you tried Mitchum? I use it religiously. It's the only brand I have found, including the ones already recommended in this post, that actually perform as an anti-perspirant on me. Apparently I am an unusually sweaty beast! Ha.
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I have two deodorants that I use: Mitchum (the sports one) and Nivea stress protect. They both have a lovely fresh smell and keep you dry all day. They are both on BR as swell if you want to check out the reviews (, and
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Mitchum roll-on! I have used it for years and it is the absolute best. It lasts the whole day (and a few days after, so I have found when I have run out and have had to go without..) and I do not get smelly at all. I still perspire, not a lot, it just doesn't smell like spring rolls :) It's also good if you suffer from the ol' thigh chafing, just roll a bit on your thighs in the morning and then get on with your day!
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I'm a big fan of the Mitchum Clinical Protection - it works really, really well and I love their powder scent - I almost wish they made a perfume version, it smells so nice!
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I get very wet underarms in summer and they only thing that works for me is the Rexona Clinical Protection,  but it can lsave white marks on your clothes, but you will stay fresh and dry. 
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Ummm this is a bit of a hard one lol especially as I get so sensitive.  I have just recently had =13pxRexona Clinical Protection come into my possession too and I love it and so far it seems to be working really well.  I usually just rub it in well so the white marks go and then I put my clothes on.
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Definately agree with the above posters about Rexona clinical protection; picey but worth it, its the only thing that works for me in summer and post workout! I recently replaced the summer scent one with the gentle dry and I find that the gentle dry leaves less residue on my clothes somehow- win!
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Dove Clinical protection works for me -I find this is really good
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Because of the way they are testing their products on animals, I would NEVER use Dove anymore!
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I was at the supermarket buying a new deodrant on Friday and the Rexona Clinical one was $15 (has it always been that expensive?) and saw they had Dove Clinical Protection which was a couple of dollars cheaper, so thought I would give this one ago.  So far its pretty much similar to the Rexona one, too early to tell especially as its not summer yet but it seems to work when my other ones previously at this time of year didn't.  Will be interesting to review this when I've finished with it.
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I have been using the Dove Go fresh spray (cucumber & green tea scent) for years now and I wouldn't change it for anything else. However, in my last trip to Argentina I tried the Rexona Clinical Protection and I really, really liked it. 
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I use rexona
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    I have discovered and been using this brand called Dept of Soul, it's a natural NZ based company that makes natural deoderants in stick form although they did have it in a pot if you prefer. It seems to work decently well on me.
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Rexona spray 48 hour protection is great I use it for the gym. 
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I always recommend roll ons. I find the aroesol ones don't work as well.

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