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Natural deodorant suggestions

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So lately I've been wondering about making the transition to natural deodorants.  

I am currently using the Bossy one, but I'm pretty lazy about applying it and often end up using my Rexona stick because it's faster.  

Does anyone have any suggestions about natural deodorant, particularly any in a stick? (e.g. easy to apply!)
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Lush have them. They have a soap looking bar and also a powder. We were looking at them last weekend. Haven't tried tho

I know you can also get a thing that looks like a rock ball like salt. It is perfect for the ones who can't use normal deodorant
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Thanks, I'll look into those. 
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Ask Mum Charly, she used to use a crystal rock one ages ago....
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I wonder if you could break open the Rexona tube when it was empty and put the Bossy (or which ever one you buy) inside instead? I know its possible to get the lid bit off, I had to do it when my one was packing a sad with still 1/4 of the product left. Took a bit of my popeye strength though hahaha
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Shazatron, I like that idea!

Trudi, thanks I'll check it out. 
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I really love the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant c: I don't think it's 100% natural but I really love it
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Theres that Black Chicken Natural deodorant paste or The Herb Farm natural deodorant. Both can be found on the Oh Natural website. I was interested in that paste before Bossy brought theres out. Best of luck with your choices.
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TraineeMUA- I hate the term 'natural' anyway. It doesn't really mean anything. I shouldn't have used it. I should have said aluminium-free or something. I'll check out that one, thanks.

Macs - cheers for those, I'll look into them!
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Natural Instinct also do natural deodorants.
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Hi TMUA -great to see you back :) I use tea tree oil deodorant, and I like it - except for the smell....
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Thank you ^_^ Super happy to be back hehe
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I have tried a heap of aluminium free deodorants and my personal fave is Soapwella (can get from I have heard the black chicken one is amazeballs too but am yet to try it.
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I'm currently using the Bossy one and liking it but completely understand the ease factor as I too find myself randomly grabbing a spray when pushed for time.  I have seen empty deodorant cases in the past but as I had no need for them I didn't take note of where they were... I am sure or ol' friend Google would be able to help in tracking something down :)
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I have only tried one natural deoderant which is the black chicken axilla one (brought from Oh natural) and its amazing. Before this, i was using the Rexona Clinical protection which is one of the only deoderants that works for me and the natural one is about 97% effective which i think is amazing. 
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I get my girls a crystal salt one but it is in a plastic tube container type thing and smooth so it is like a normal roll on to use it- just wet and wipe on or wipe in straight from shower while you are still wet. I also got off iHerb the crystal spray one and roll on one, not sure how natural they are but it's totally like using normal deodorant - spray or roll and go. I don't think they help much with sweating but they control pong well. When I see the build up in their school shirts from normal deodorants it's pretty gross and can't be good for them (and it does my head in trying to remove it). I would love to know a natural antiperspirant one.
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Wow, so many options for me to check out, thanks!
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Heya Charly - as you know I wrote a blog post about natural deodorants recently. Check out Oh Natural ~ she has the Black Chicken remedies in stock tomorrow probably. They sound like a good option to try :)

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The crystal ones I've seen in health stores look really neat but I've never tried one.  Do you guys find them as effective as standard deoderants/anti-perspirants?
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I use a brand called Body Crystal and the unscented crystal mist spray before bed. It isn't an antiperspirant though.
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Aah perfect thread to find. I was just going to ask all you lovely beautyreviewers the same question. Charly, did you try any of these yet? Sounds like the tea tree and the salt are recurring and well reviewed....I may need to invest in one of these bext. I was hoping the beautyvault might have a natural deoderant this time. No such luck...will have to buy it.
Head Pixie
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Hey katedraper,

This may be of interest to you :) xo
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Oh! Thanks so much for that! Perfect :D

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