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Do any of you eat/drink this? it seems to be the latest craze , ive googled it but im still unsure about the pros and cons of it 
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Its delicious, and SO good for you. You can get it relatively cheap off trade me in big containers id get it like that as its way more affordable.
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Ok I've heard of putting it on hair etc but how does one eat it or drink people!! :D
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Replace as your cooking oil, salad dressings, baking, you name it!.. pretty much anything you would use a cooking oil for.
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I love drinking coconut water.. Its yummmm! and you can use coconut oil on your hair too..! I've heard people cook in it as well.. though I havn't tried it!

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it almost seems like the perfect product, i have friends who use it in everything, from eating and drinking to on the skin, hair, animals, kids for all different kinds of things.  im keen to give it a go, but it seems pricey, will check out trademe though as it was mentioned its on there
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I use coconut oil for all my cooking :)
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I love using coconut oil! I use it occasionally on my hair as a mask, but mostly I love using it in cooking.
If you're looking for a recipe for a treat, try making homemade "chocolate" with coconut oil. All you need is coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey essentially, you can substitute other sweeteners for honey if you like.
You can find the recipe I use here:
My partners not a huge fan of them, but for me (who can't resist anything chocolatey) I love them!
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I use organic coconut oil in my hair and legs. I cook with it instread of using water. And i drink coconut water :)
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why on earth did i put this in deodorant hahaalthough i have heard of coconut oil and baking powder/soda as a deodorant?!
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Coconut oil is just so fantastic for hair as a mask and for skin as a moisturizer, it really does wonders!
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I use coconut oil on my legs and body. It works wonders. But i have never cooked with it, or eaten it. But i heard its great for weight loss. Google it alot of women use it.
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coconut oil is awesome stuff for cooking. Use it for hot frying as it is really stable and has a  high smoking point (so it won't change into nasty trans-fats). I use it everyday, also as a butter substitute for baking. Great moisturiser, hair mask. I put a bit in the bath sometimes too.
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Its kind of gross to just eat but I have used it in stirfrys instead of adding sesame oil in I put a teaspoon of this instead and it little carribean flavouring.  Also add to salad dressings =D
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I've recently been using coconut oil for cooking and find it great. Suprised I found it at my local supermarket, and was cheaper than I expected (about $8). A little goes a long way too!
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I, too, am a late adopter of coconut oil but now I'm hooked.  I originally bought it for dietary reasons, but now I use it in my beauty routine.  It has done wonders for my skin, and it the only thing I've found that has worked on my 1 year old's severe dry skin.  I can't recommend this enough!! But watch out when you try eating it raw as it is pretty yuck, IMO. ;)
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I'm a complete coconut junkie too.

I put a teensy bit through my hair while wet after every wash and it's always super shiny, frizz free and it smells great. I actually forgot last time I washed and left my house with wet hair (as I always do because with coconut oil it dries to perfect beach waves) and by the time I got home from my short outing it was a frizzy mess. I'll never forget again.

I actually love the taste of it. It probably depends hugely on the brand though. I'm on the candida diet at the moment which is hugely restrictive so it's a great calorie boost that I add to everything. It's yum in natural yoghurt with shredded coconut (the closest thing to desert I can eat)
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I have a big bottle of it that I brought with me to NZ my sister brought it as a gift for me to use for my hair when came to visit me in Thailand. Apparently there's a lot of good cheap oils there. I would love to cook with coconut oil but it's quite pricey compared to rice bran which is what I use.
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I've heard good things as well about using coconut oil for hair, but my hair gets oily quickly so I'm a bit wary to try it...
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I put coconut oil on my face before bed last night. Woke up feeling so refreshed!

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