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Bye Bye Deoderant Marks

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   About a week ago I was getting ready to head out with a friend. I usually use a natural deoderant since I have sensitive skin but since I was going to dress up I reached for my anti-perspirant. Then I got a phone call about car trouble and they wouldn't be able to pick me up or leave their home. Luckily, I hadn't done my hair or makeup. Since I was already showered I just decided to change to my jammies and call it a night. The next morning I washed off my anti-perspirant and then I remembered something about wearing anti-perspirant at night to give it time and supposedly it blocks your sweat glands and you still have the effects of an antiperspirant the next even if you wash your armpits. I decided to give it a shot and surprisingly it worked. So I've been trying this all week and what do you know my armpits are dry and my clothes don't have white deoderant marks on them win, win. The rash from my anti-perspirant hasn't shown up yet but until then I'm liking my dry, odour free pits. 
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This is such a great result for you, I hope it continues to work. I am totally going to try this!
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That awesome Tanny girl. Ive read on a few deo bottles that the instructions say to apply them at night, Ivefound they have worked too. I must start tying this method again thanks for the reminder! Hopefully you dont get any rashes, so you can continue to use this one.
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That's a great tip, thanks Tannygirl :)
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Interesting I might have to give this a go.
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Wow that's so interesting! Thanks for sharing.
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I gave it a go and it works for me. Thank you for sharing this tip.
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This is some really great advice! Thank you!

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