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The RevitaLash Miracle

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Other BR ladies might appreciate this - I finally bought lash serum (RevitaLash) a few months ago, and excitedly told my husband about it (he asked "what on earth" I was putting on my lashes one morning) - he swiftly lost interest as I explained, however (of course lol).
But I have really, really fine, blonde, short, stubby eyelashes, so rarely go a day without mascara (unless tramping etc of course). But when I don't wear it, I literally look unwell, and get a lot of concerned comments!
But this stuff works so well that even my husband noticed! Like, that really is a miracle product. 
 He asked the other morning, in puzzled confusion, "how come your eyelashes are looking weirdly long and dark in the mornings lately?". I replied that I'd told him all about the serum a few months ago, and he looked confused - no memory of it. But even he's impressed with the serum results.
So I'm now eagerly awaiting the results of LiBrow on on my blonde, sparse brows!
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Awesome to hear you've found a product that makes you feel great! It's such a fun but rare feeling when you can be truly excited about a new product that 100% works. 
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It's good to know actually I'm using lilash now and I think it worked well but would love to try Revitalash next time to see if I can get more dramatic results. I'm just so lazy to use it every single day lol
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My teenage daughter actually asked me yesteday if I'd gotten eyelash extensions - it's that good!
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Always good to hear when a product really works :)
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I’ve used Revitalash, LiLash and fLash and have had awesome results with them all. fLash is my fave simply because the price point is amazing, but the best results I’ve had is with LiLash