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Tangle teezer

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Has anyone tried one? I Have been eyeing them up for awhile now, and would love to hear some feedback on them first 
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Haven't tried that one but recently bought a Michel Mercier one from hair salon (about $25). my little girl protests so much at brushing her hair but she is so much better with this new one.  Comes in 3 different brush types depending of your hair type (fine,normal,coarse).
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What are these mainly for? Are they for curly hair only or for straight hair also?
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There for all types of hair, my 8yrs old is itching to have one just because there the latest thing going around, I might be giving in lol
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They are super fabulous. I previously owned a traditional hairbrush and because I have thick, curly hair is easy got into knots and even when it wasn't knotty it hurt to brush it. I brought the Tangle Teezer from Beauty Bay because it is only US$13.50 with free shipping and this by far beats the $30 in pharmacys etc. Now brushing my hair is a breeze and I can brush it painfree everyday. 
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Thanks for the tip Lisa, might just give in with that price even tho US$ still cheaper and might even have to purchase somethings for myself with free shipping, just checking out Beauty Bay now hehe
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They are amazing. Since using it i have noticed that my hair doesn't split as much and my hair doesnt fall out as much. And defenitly alot more easy to brush painfree. would never go back to using a regular brush .
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I too have a tangle teezer, think mine was from feel unique but think beautybay is usually cheaper (I would've had a discount code at the time) I took a bit of time to like mine, it wasn't quite what I expected. I use it mainly when my hair is wet but is good for when its dry too but if I want to tie my hair up I grab my schwarzkopf paddle brush. I'm a little clumsy and took me a bit to get use to holding it (it has flown outta my hands a number of times!) I blame it on any excess hair product or moisturiser etc on my hands after my shower! But overall I like it, I don't think it's a holy grail must have for me but it gets thru my wet hair nicely. I have long hair, its kind not exactly thick but there's a lot of it! 
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Sounds like i need to invest in one of these! Think it will be my next purchase!
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Thanks for posting beautybay as a stockist Lisa, way cheaper! - I've been meaning to purchase one for ages as I have crazy hair. 
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These are a godsend! Wish i had them when i was younger as i had suuuuuper long hair that is used to hate being brushed. now my hair is very fine/thin so it tangles quite easily. But the tangle teezer just glides through and doesn't hurt at all and getting less hair in the brush as well so goodbye breakage!!! And i agree, beauty bay is the best way to do it! I also bought one on aliexpress with a handle (not an actual tangeteezer but similar) and like that too!
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Looks like i will be purchasing one :) I have long thin hair and it tangles and breaks easy, thanks for your input ladies :)
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Sounds like I will have to get one of these - I have naturally curly hair so it always ends up in giant knots :(
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I just ordered one off of Beautybay after reading this thread, haha! I'm looking forward to it.
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My two girls have VERY difficult hair to brush, its really painful for them.  I got something similar at the chemist, its a round one and only cost a few dollars and does the trick.  You could always try one of those before shelling out the bigger bucks to see if its going to work?  I do like the look of the tangle tamer though... could be tempted, lol.
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after reading these comments i think i will be buying one too haha thanks ladies
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Just bought one today! Used it for the first time and I have to say it is the first time I have brush my hair when wet and not ended with a brush full of hair. Will have to give it a while to see if it does look any different but I am just happy to find something that doesn't result in tearing out half my hair (damn curly hair). 
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You can buy them for about $10 off Ebay with free shipping :)
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Just got mine this week, loving it so far.  Yet to use on wet hair but on dry hair it's really good.  Got mine off trade me for considerably less than the shops.  $18.50 and exactly the same one in a shop was $35.95
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I have used a Mason Pearson hairbrush for many years. My hair started to fall out around a month ago. I seem to always be in a rush and dont have time for my hair to dry before brushing it which is normally a no no with general brushes. My hairdresser suggested I tried the tangle teezer and it is marvelous!! Can use on wet and dry hair, doesn't pull like other brushes and makes your scalp feel great! Between that and switching shampoos my hair loss is not nearly so bad. I  got mine from vivo for $25.....definitely worth the money!
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In the last pharmacy I worked in we got tangle teasers in and they sold like hotcakes.
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I have a detangling brush from a BR trial and it's magic but I always wanted to try a teezer too
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I love my Tangle Teezer definitely makes hair maintenance a little bit easier
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I recen[color=#1c1e21]tly brought a new one as mine was getting worn out, have some cool new colours on the site so changed to a cool metallic colour one.  Also brought a different brush which is in the tangle teezer range altho the original are ok for wet hair these brushes are even more designed for wet hair.  Have found it to be really good and even better at getting knots out of wet hair than the orginal tangle teezer.  [/color]

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