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How many perfumes do you own?

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I only own the one - my 'signature scent' Diesel's Loverdose, but I know some ladies who own 100's of perfumes and pick which one they're wearing based on how they're feeling.

So, how many perfumes do you own?
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It's probably somewhere around 15. I tend to use one for a month or so then switch. Right now I'm just using a perfume oil I got in Rarotonga and all my spendy ones are gathering dust
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Jimmy choo edp, jimmy choo edt, baby doll, viva la juicy, green tea, and soon to have flowerbomb (yaaay! Finally!). I used to have a couple of body shop ones earlier this year which I used for work (the white must and yhe maroccan rose), but thought 7 was over kill haha. So now I just use the green tea and edt's for work. Soooo.. currently 5, soon 6 :)
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Lacoste - Dream of Pink
Britney Spears (cringe) -
Giorgio Armani - Agua di Gioa
Paco Robane - Lady Million
Carolina Hererra - VIP 212
Lancome - Hypnotique
Escada - a small miniature set and they're all very fruity and sweet (Moon Sparkle, Taj Sunset, Ocean Lounge, Marine Groove and Sunset Heat)

And my staple, which I've just re-stocked is Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie
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I currently have 4

Sex in the City 2 (b'day gift last year from the kids)
Sunflowers (My fav - Elisabeth Arden)
CK in2 U
FCUK somthing (Xmas gift - gives me hayfever)

My favs are Sunflowers and Dolce et Gabana Light Blue :)
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I have 2 at the moment ; 
Katy Perry - Purr
Britany Spears  - Midnight fantasy  
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I have three at the moment
Guess - Guess
Guerlain - Samasara
Yves Saint Laurent - Parisienne
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I have quite a few.

Clinique Happy is the one I use most, but it's almost finished :(

I also have 3 Kim Kardashian ones. The normal Kim Kardashian one, Kim Kardashian Gold AND Kim Kardashian LOVE - it was made especially as a gift for guests at her wedding and sold exclusively at Kardashian Khaos in Vegas. I bought the box set there.

I also have a sex and the city one, as well as a Victoria's Secret body spray I use sometimes.
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I own flower bomb by victor & Rolf. I have lovestruck by Vera wang. I have fifth avenue. I have euphoria. I have a Jennifer Lopez perfum and Armani code. And also believe by Britney Spears. I use all of them, I love all the scents, and I get to mix up my scents during the week. It's nice to smell different from others.s
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My little stash has:
flowerbomb (thanks to the wonderful beauty review!)
juicy couture viva la juicy
katy perry meow
marc Jacobs daisy
miss Dior cherie (eek only few squirts I'm hoarding!)
diesel loverdose
gucci rush

have a few Victoria secret body mists too (love them!)

also so a handful of perfumies which are little tubes of  'solid' perfume.

im feeling a little greedy now :/
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I think I only have three at the moment:

Still by J Lo.
Davidoff's Cool Water
Nina Ricci's Love in Paris

I'm dreaming of the day I can add Issey Miyake's L'Eau D'Issey.  (Now someone remind me why I just told my husband the other day that I didn't need anything for Christmas!?!?)
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Miss Dior - Blooming Bouquet
Laura Biagiotti - Roma
Bulgari - Tea Rouge
Dyptique - L'Ombre dans L'eau
Jo Malone - Vintage Gardinia (very heady, prob won't buy again)
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I own two . My signature scent and one for my friends because I don't like people smelling like me .
for me : juicy couture - viva pa jujuicy 
for friends : Vera wang ,can't remember the name though .
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Calvin Klein - Euphoria is my fav and the other I like is Ghost by Tanya Sarne - oh and I  loved Paloma Picasso when I was younger.
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Big fat zero. Never been a fan, they always seem too strong or too sweet or something.
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I LOVE fragrance and have a couple I wear through the day and then some I wear only at night. My all time favourite is Santal Blush by Tom Ford, amazing and a little goes a long way. It's special so I only wear on nights out. Day time I wear Daisy or GIO. I do change it up on a regular basis though!
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Two at the moment. I'd love to get more but not sure which ones suit my natural scent best.
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I own 3:
- Britney Spears Curious
- Britney Spears Fantasy
- Dolce and Gabbana Desire (thanks to BR!) 
I have my eye on Princess by Vera Wang as well 
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I have a lot im slowly building my collection up again.

But at the moment i seem to be using Rihannas new fragrance Rogue a lot.. I hated it when i first sprayed it now im wearing it every day haha.. And i also use Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture Viva la juicy (thanks BR <3) and Paris Hiltons original fragrance a lot too..

But then if im going out i stand there confused for ages and cant decide.. I usually go for Versace Crystal Noir or La prairie Midnight rain.
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At the moment I've got seven, my day to day go to would definitely have to be Tommy Girl. Love love love it .
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At the moment I only own 3 - Katy Perry Meow, Lady Gaga Fame and Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. I love them all! At the most I've only ever had 5 at a time. I really want to continue to build my perfume collection though, love trying different perfumes and having the option to pick from loads :) xx
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At the moment/last count I have in the collection as far as I can remember off my memory -

Estee Sensuous
Estee Sensuous Noir
Estee Beautiful Love
Estee Lauder Spellbound
Guy Larcoche Fidji
Givenchy Organza
Givenchy Ysatis
Givenchy Organza Indecence (long discontinued)
Givenchy Hot Couture several bottles of this as this is one of my faves
Versace Crystal Noir
Valentino Original
Halston original
Charlie Gold
Charlie Original
Jovan musk
Hypnotic poison
Bob Mackie by bob Mackie
Calvin Klein obsession
Oscar de la renta
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds and Diamonds and Emeralds
Red Door
Tou Jours Moi (really really old)
Chloe (the original one)
Chloe narcisse
Avon soft musk, Imari and Far Away

I am a sucker for old school fragrances even though I am not that old (almost 30) especially long forgotten/discontinued fragrances and heavy orientals, florals you name it especially musks. I really dislike all the current sweet fragrances on the market at the moment but I am in the minority unfortunately the sweetest scent I own would be Givenchy Hot Couture and most people find it too smokey lol. My signatures are Hot Couture, Organza and Sensuous noir.
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geez where do i start :L

Meow by katy perry
CK One Shock
CK One
Reb'l Fleur by rihanna (amazing)
paris hilton
Live by Jennifer Lopez
Lollie Pop Smash by Mariah Carey
Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears

and i still want more :)
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I have a lot, a lot, a lot!!

 My top 10 that I'm cycling through at the moment are: 

Viktor + Rolf - Flowerbomb
Dior - J'Adore
YSL - Cinema
Stella McCartney - Stella (original)
Victoria Beckham - Intimately Beckham
Marc Jacobs - Daisy
Chanel - Chance Eau Fraiche
Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle
Juicy Couture - Viva la Juicy
Lancome - Poeme
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Currently own  7 (this shall grow by 3-4 by the end of christmas)
Dot - Marc Jacobs
Sunshine - Marc Jacobs
La Ve Est Belle - Lancome
Far Away - Avon
CK One Shock - CK One
Friction - FCUK
Lillipop Bling Honey - Mariah Carey

and I have a want list of around 18 which is constantly growing.
I am one of those people that needs to pick something to suit how im feeling etc.

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..The only one I have is Elizabeth Arden's Red Door, and that's because my older sister gave it to me :(

I feel so.. unfeminine with my lack of perfume :(
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I never used to be much of a perfume girl but over the past year or so I've become obsessed. I don't have heaps but I love the ones that I do have. At the moment I own:

Calvin Klein One
Calvin Klein Euphoria
Elizabeth Arden Red Door Shimmer
Elizabeth Arden Pretty
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy 
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wow 100 perfumes? that's crazy!!! I only own a few (less than 10) most are not opened yet because I do not want to let the perfume evaporate and go off once opened.  I love perfume but I tend to stick to the ones I like because I love the thought of having a signature scent that people will remind them of me if they smell it somewhere :)
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I love perfume, so I have a few.
Off the top of my head I have
Lady gaga (almost used up but have a 100ml one arriving hopefully soon)
Rihanna (the black one)
Vera Wang (princess I think)
Britney Spears, Radience and the other radience one
one of the avon fergie ones
a guess one
fred hayman one
a susan somethingone
Kim kardashian black bottle one
I also have a paris hilton fairy dust plus nicole richie one arriving with the gaga one (I'm a bit of a sucker for celebrity scents I think!)
I possibly have some more but my son is in my room so I can't check.
I really want to try wonderstruck and viva la juicy because of the great reviews I've seen on here
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I have three
DKNY Pure Verbana
DKNY Be Delicious (the green apple one)
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (my favourite)

I used to have Ming Shu Fleur' de l'Aube by Yves and Rochers but I can't find it here

I like Dot by Marc Jacobs but the scent wears off really fast and for the price I would the scent to last longer.

When I shop at Life Pharmacy I'm always testing two or three perfume in case I find a new scent I like. I'm very picky and also have to shop on a budget which is probably why I have so few perfumes.
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I am a perfume hoarder so I have a few as well.

Here is a list of what I can recall off the top of my head:

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy
Marc Jacobs Oh Lola (my fave)
Lush Guerilla Perfume in Dirty
Oscar de La renta - Soft Blossom
Guicci Guilty
DKNY Fresh Blossom
Diesel Plu Plus Feminine
FCUK Connect
Gwen Stefani Harakuki Lovers in G, Baby and Lil' Angel (I don't really like any of these but I love the bottles)
The Body Shop Patchoulli Oil
And a couple of random perfumes I picked up at gypsy fairs.
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Eek I shudder to think (of the total cost that is)

Dior - Poison x2 for some reason
Dior - Pure Poison
Lancome - Hypnose
Moschino - Cheap and Chic
Moschino - Hippy Fizz
Moschino - I Love Love
Body Shop - Rose Du Maroc

Plus a whole heap of cheapies people buy me as gifts that I never use but can't bear to throw out
488 posts
And that's not counting the minis...
8 posts
Currently have 4....ordered one more that I am currently waiting for and would also like to see whats on offer once they open up the beauty vault. Cant wait
3349 posts
In the 25ml-50ml bottles I have 5. But probably have over 10 mini perfumes.
715 posts
3 full size 4 samples
715 posts
7 full size 3 samples. And it's nearly Christmas and I'd love to be gifted perfume. 
5241 posts
My current collection is : 

Marc Jacobs Decadence 
Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh 
Paco Robane Olympea 
Gucci Bamboo 
Stella Mc Cartney Pop
Dior Poison Girl 
Vera Wang Lovestuck 

Three stillboxed . I love perfume . 
715 posts
5 full size, +1 boxed. Decluttered 2 full size and 1 sample. Finished 1 full size and 2 samples.
140 posts
Just two, one more summery scent, and one wintery scent.
I have Ari by Ariana Grande, and Yog Nog Lush Body Spray (says its a body spray, but its such a powerful mist its like wearing perfume).

I find fragrance too expensive for me, and I'm too fussy to have more than a couple on hand.
986 posts
I have three: 

Calvin Klein "Down Town" for use in Summer
Dior "Hypnotic Poison" for Winter (it's a heavier scent) 
Kenzo "Amour" (in the pink bottle) as my 'special occasion' scent for when hubby and I go out somewhere together, even if it's just dinner with friends or the two of us going to the movies, it's the perfume I wear when I'm with my hubby because we both enjoy the smell. 

I also find fragrances too expensive to have too many.  Each bottle of the above perfumes lasts me 3 - 5 years, and I store them in their boxes, away from sunlight, so that they keep their original scent for much longer. 
7054 posts
Idk, a bunch. 

 - several 5-10 ml roller balls and three body sprays from Victoria's Secret

- rose macaron from urban outfitters 

-several mini vials free with Mecca and Clinique purchases

- a couple of DoTerra ones bc one of my best mates is into it and sends me ones she thinks I'll like (and she's always right)

- a couple of l'occitane ones I got someplace

- pure fiji guava rollerball

-Anna Sui Secret Wish and Versace Bright Crystal minis

a LOT if this is from Hawaii and HK so cost virtually nothing tho 

1092 posts
Not many right now.  A Pure Fiji rollerball that has lasted me soooooo long, a Lush solid and Brazilian Crush spray. I use the Brazilian Crush most days lately. 
3995 posts
I love perfumes and usually have tons, but currently have only half a mini Red Door, half a mini Mediteranean, a full size Giorgio, and full size Beautiful. I don't wear perfume so much nowadays.
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I have a couple of main ones - Miss Dior, and Brazilian Crush body fragrance (which is sooo yummy!)   I have a couple of Jo Malone samples that I keep in my handbag which I like but doubt I'd spend money on full size versions. I don't have one right now but when I'm in Mecca I often pick up a Soap & Glory body spray which is yummy too and a cheap alternative to using perfume (their body washes are awesome too and the fragrance lasts on your skin!)
124 posts
I currently have 2
rihanna (the black one) which is my every 
day work perfume
and viva la juicy.

2636 posts
Ha ha ha way too many to count and list. 

I have found a new favourite though - Yves Saint Laurent- Opium (the floral one). Its gorgeous.

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