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VS Sassoon Salon Curls Review

VS Sassoon Salon Curls Review
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Create elegant waves, glam curls or a textured look with added shine with this perfectly styled and on-trend conical wand. You'll love the 19mm - 45mm tapered barrel with a clipless barrel, for effortless curls and waves with no kinks. Plus it's packed with a luxe rose gold cosmetic pouch - the perfect Christmas gift.

This limited-edition Salon Curls conical curling wand in on-trend rose gold heats up in 30-seconds and features 30x variable temperature settings up to 205°C making it ideal for any hair type. With Titanium Ceramic Technology which distributes heat evenly across the 19mm – 32mm tapered barrel, smooth, silky and kink-free natural curls and waves are as easy as the flick of a wrist. The Salon Curls Conical Wand also comes with a bonus luxe rose gold cosmetic pouch for extra glam.

  • 19mm - 32mm tapered barrel with clipless design - no curly kinks
  • Titanium Ceramic Technology for smooth glide and added shine
  • Create elegant waves, glam curls or a textured look
  • Handy finger glove for effortless styling


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VS Sassoon Salon Curls Review

VS Sassoon Salon Curls Review


Overall rating:
2nd April, 2021
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Affordable Price, Results Driven

Purchased this when I saw it on sale for $36 last Christmas. I've always wanted this particular style of curler as it doesn't have the clips and thought it would be easier to use. This came with:instructions, a finger glove (to protect your fingers from getting burnt, which I haven't yet used) and a cosmetic pouch to store additional hair or jewellery accessories (which I will probably never use but is nice as a freebie)

Love the look of this. Rose gold so looks current and stylish. As for the dial system (setting the heat) I still don't understand it. Says it heats up 205 degrees, with 30 heat settings but the dial system on the wand goes up in increments ( 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) I still don't get it.

Besides that, I selected 20 as I didn't want to burn my hair off like those terrible Youtube videos. This setting was more than enough for my thick, long, curvy/wavy hair. I straightened my hair before hand then used this curling wand afterwards to get precise uniform curls.

Does it work? Yes! So much better than I imagined. Especially for the price I thought it wouldn't but it works beautifully. Curls looked stunning. My technique leaves room for improvement but I loved the look, it was beautiful. Definitely think a holding spray would have aided in it lasting longer but other than that i'm super stoked with this item.

Highly recommend, affordable, with results. Would make a lovely gift for yourself or someone else in your life.

Tips: Don't get too close to your face! I had some nice burn marks on my forehead and ears for a week. Also I think a holding spray would be super beneficial for holding your curls/style.

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