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Skinfood Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub Review

Skinfood Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub Review
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Invigorate skin with a decadent blend of roasted coffee grounds, rich cacao powder, oatmeal, coconut oil & kaolin clay with Epsom & sea salts to gently buff & renew skin, to help boost its natural radiance & stimulate circulation.

- Gently exfoliates dead & dry skin
- Draws toxins from skin
- Stimulate circulation

Gently massage onto wet skin in a circular motion from the neck down, once or twice weekly. Rinse off.

Epsom & Sea Salt provide natural and gentle skin exfoliation. These salts are antibacterial, working to draw toxins from the body while helping to soothe irritations.

Roasted Coffee grounds have an abundance of skin benefits to help you glow. Caffeine helps to increases blood flow, aiding circulation and promoting natural collagen production. This exfoliating ingredient not only invigorates tired, dull skin, its also anti-inflammatory thanks to chlorogenic acid & melanoidins.

Rich Cacao Powder is an antioxidant rich powerhouse. Cacao works to repair and protect skin, while nourishing and hydrating, to leave your skin feeling softer and more glowy. Cacao has also been known to help combat the signs of ageing and help to repair sun damage.

Oatmeal cleanses skin without stripping it of natural oil. High in proteins and lipids, this ultra moisturising ingredient works to relieve inflammation, redness and itching of the skin.

Kaolin Clay is a natural detoxifier, drawing impurities and dirt from within, without drying skin or causing irritation. Kaolin clay helps to tighten and tone, pulling excess oil from skin while balancing oil production.


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Skinfood Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub Review

Skinfood Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub Review


Overall rating:
9th August, 2020
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Great scent but messy to use & not scrubby enough

I'm a big fan of coffee scrubs and usually always have one in my shower, so I gave this a go a while ago when I saw it readily available in the supermarket. I liked that it was a very affordable price and cheaper than a lot of coffee scrubs I've tried. The scrub comes in a larger white water proof resealable bag, with coffee imagery. The scrub was quite fine in texture, and dark brown/black. The coffee and cacao scent was delicious, it smelt more of coffee than cacao but it was a delicious chocolatey coffee scent. The scent was nice and strong and lingered on my skin afterwards. I found the texture of the scrub too fine for it to exfoliate well, it also wasn't damp enough for the scrub to stick together enough to stay on my skin and massage it in, so most of it just fell off and went down the shower drain, and the scrub that stayed on my skin never exfoliated enough for my liking. I'm used to coffee scrubs leaving my skin feeling exfoliated and super smooth, which is an effect I only find coffee scrubs do, yet this one just didn't do that for me. I also found that despite the resealable packaging, it was hard for water in the shower to not somehow seep into the packaging and dissolve the remaining scrub, I think this would be better packaging in a tub to prevent wastage or water getting in. Overall, I wouldn't use this again as it was messy to work with and hard to keep on the body, and it just didn't scrub enough for my liking.

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