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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug
Philosophy Skincare Total Matteness Oil-Free, Mattifying Pore Eraser Review
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Philosophy Skincare Total Matteness Oil-Free, Mattifying Pore Eraser Review

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Philosophy Skincare Total Matteness Oil-Free, Mattifying Pore Eraser Review

help pores pull a disappearing act with total matteness oil-free, mattifying pore eraser. it features natural bamboo extract to help absorb excess oil and control shine, along with lentil seed extract to help strengthen the pore wall.

Pack Size: 1 oz.

RRP: $61.00

Availability: Sephora, Online



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15th May, 2018 at 3:24 pm
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Incredible product!

I’m not a huge philosophy fan but there are occasionally a couple of things that wow me. This is one of them. This is amazing for oily skin. It literally soaks up all the surface oil and tells your oil glands, it’s all good and they can stop producing oil for awhile. It lasts truely all day and is perfect to apply before makeup or to wear alone. You have to try this!!

Tips: I learned a cool trick. You can put a drop of oil on the back of your hand, rub that in and it will look like your face in high oil times. Then apply one drop of this stuff. Give it about 10-15 seconds and your hand will be totally matte. Great way to see what it does on your face before buying

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