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Gehwol Warming Balm

Gehwol Warming Balm
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For cold feet with dry or normal skin

Active Ingredients Rich oil in water emulsion with lanolin, glycerin, avocado oil, aloe vera, oils of lavender and rosemary, extracts of ginger and paprika, camphor, climbazole

GEHWOL Warming Balm for cold feet also delivers moisture to dry or normal skin. Extracts of algae, paprika, ginger, essential oils of rosemary and lavender, as well as invigorating camphor, stimulate the circulation and produce a pleasant feeling of warmth. In a base of skin-friendly emollients such as avocado oil, beeswax and lanolin, aloe vera, urea and glycerin improve skin moisturization. They help the skin to store and harness natural moisture and make normal or dry skin smooth and supple.

Tried and trusted antiseptics prevent foot odor and help to prevent infections and itching between the toes. Daily care keeps the skin on the feet healthy, makes it supple, and imparts a pleasant feeling of warmth. TIP Treat the feet with a warm GEHWOL Foot Bath to increase the warming effect.

Tip you can increase the warming effect by treating your feet to a hot GEHWOL foot bath beforehand.

Dermatologically tested.



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Gehwol Warming Balm

Gehwol Warming Balm


Overall rating:
24th December, 2013
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Lovely in conjunction with the Gehwol Foot Bath.

I used the Gehwol foot warming balm after my Gehwol foot bath. It made my feet feel lovely and smooth. I recommend to use it nightly for dry feet. As for the "warming" part, my feet didnt feel warm at all. But then again, my feet werent cold when I applied it. I will look forward to using it in winter so I can try it out on my cold tootsies!

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