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Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Patches Review

Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Patches Review
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Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Patches A spot or blemish today can be good as gone tomorrow thanks to Overnight Success. Infused with Grape Seed and Tea Tree, these fast-acting cleansing patches work their magic while you sleep, so you can wake to a flawless complexion.

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Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Patches Review

Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Patches Review


Overall rating:
3rd April, 2015
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Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Spot Patches

I really like this product. Whenever I get breakouts, I would put them on the pimples. They won't make the pimples disappear overnight, but they do help prevent them from getting bigger. Also they shorten the amount of time for the pimples to go away. For me, the pimples usually go away after one to two weeks (depending on the pimple). But when I use these patches, the pimples go away after half a week to one week. Personally, I think that's pretty good.

Tips: I find that the best way to use the patches, is to clean and dry your face as normal and then put the patches on. Then apply moisturiser or what ever treatment you use on your face. The patches don't seem to work if you put products on the pimples before you put the patches on. Also the patches don't stick very well if your skin is oily (so need to cleanse first). And remember to remove the patch before you go out in the morning!! I sometimes forget because they're clear.

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4th April, 2015

Thanks. I love the Strawberry and Yarrow mask too! Actually anything in their range is good. :)

4th April, 2015

Awesome review! I also loved the Strawberry and Yarrow mask from this range