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Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening Corrective Serum Review

Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening Corrective Serum Review
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Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening Corrective Serum is a potent pre-aging serum packed with antioxidant-rich plant extracts that instantly absorbs into the skin, helping prevent the appearance of new pigmentation.

Pack Size 30G


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Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening Corrective Serum Review

Bees Brilliance Skin Brightening Corrective Serum Review


Overall rating:
4th February, 2020
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A handy bee-uty product

I was totally sceptical about using this. But I grabbed some of this correcting serum and the spot essence serum to give them a go in the hopes they would work.

I have some pigmentations from pregnancy, hormones, sun and probably age sadly.

Two quite dark spots on my cheek bones seeming to be from the sun I guess hitting the high points of my face so I have been a little self conscious and quite aware of them. So there’s those and I have a speckled nose. I do wear sunscreen every day but I probably should shelter a little more if I want to reduce pigment.

I applied these and let them set in they are quite similar products really. Almost a yellow creamy serum which you apply the tiniest bit to your problem areas and let set for a few mins prior to applying other products. It’s hard to not use a lot I will say so use it sparingly as you really do only have to apply it to your problem areas etc.

It’s worked which is great. It hasn’t totally removed my spots. But it has faded them. So maybe with more time it will reduce. I’m pretty pleased though as my medium cover foundation now covers it well whereas prior I could still see them. So it will be interesting to see if they are still there in another few months time with use.

I haven’t noticed any new pigmentation either which is great. So hopefully it stays that way it’s been a great product to use this summer. I don’t really want any more spots popping up that are seemingly permanent so if I can prevent it I will try.

Fingers x I don’t get any new ones and my current ones fade more if I keep up the use.

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