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Lush Dream Cream Self-Preserving Review
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Lush Dream Cream Self-Preserving Review

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A soothing and all-round dreamy hand and body lotion that's suitable for everyone - now in a self-preserving formula.

This simple cream works like a dream on upset skin: cooling and soothing ingredients like oat milk, rose water and chamomile blue oil calm down hot and itchy skin, as well as a  blend of essential oils help to nurture skin: redness-reducing rose absolute, anti-inflammatory chamomile blue, antibacterial and antiseptic tea tree and conditioning lavender.

Pack Size: 240g

RRP:  $37.90

Availability:  Lush Stores and Online



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Overall rating:
11th October, 2017 at 4:42 pm
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Just Like Dream Cream But With More Olive Oil

Being a sensitive skinned girl that's prone to post shower redness and itchy blotches, Dream Cream is one of my absolute favorite products from Lush. It calms down my skin so well and hydrates it. I would like to use it every night but since it's pricey I save it for the nights I use a body scrub. Because I only use a body scrub about once a week one 240 pot lasts me for quite awhile. Recently Lush released a self-preserving version of their classic best seller. The main difference between this and the regular dream cream is that this one has organic olive oil second on the list instead of rosewater. It also has glycerine fourth on the list instead of cocoa butter and it doesn't have any stearic acid. Because this has more olive oil it feels a bit thicker in texture, more like a body butter whereas the original feels more like a lotion. It absorbs pretty quickly just like the original. I think you could use this year round. It smells exactly the same as the original with that oaty scent. Now personally I prefer the original because I finish up a tub before the expiry date hits but I think the self-preserving version is a lovely body butter.

Tips: If you wanted Dream Cream in a thicker, more body butter like texture than this is the product for you.

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