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Colour Specialist
Colour Specialist

MAC Lip Conditioner Review

MAC Lip Conditioner Review
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An emollient-based balm that conditions lips and locks in moisture. It acts as a perfect base for lipsticks and helps lip pencils to glide on. Worn on its own, it imparts a soft shine to the lips.

Availability: Select Department Stores, Farmers and M.A.C Britomart, M.A.C Riccarton, M.A.C St Lukes, M.A.C Ponsonby, M.A.C Botany. Online at and


RRP: $34.00

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MAC Lip Conditioner Review

MAC Lip Conditioner Review


Overall rating:
18th December, 2018
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Pricey but lush

One of my friends worked for Mac for awhile so had all sorts of great products lurking around - I used her lip conditioner for a few days and absolutely loved it, though it is quite glossy so not great on a windy day with long hair! Too pricey for my budget but if I could afford it I'd use it daily!

Tips: A little goes a long way

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