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Miraculous Facial Oil
Miraculous Facial Oil

Air Repair Rescue Balm Review

Air Repair Rescue Balm Review
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This multi-purpose skin healer is 100% natural and acts as a skin protectant and lip balm in one. With it's nourishing blend of nature's most potent emollients, it soothes on contact. Perfect for both cold and warm climates.

  • 100% Natural.
  • Great as a sport salve, especially when going into cold and high altitude environments such as skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. Also, you can apply this rescue balm before and after swimming.
  • Great salve to use to help heal hands and cuticles for professionals such as cooks, bartenders, etc.

We created our Air Repair products to help relieve environmental stresses on your skin. Whether you're flying – or going from sun to snow, these changes can cause the skin to look and feel dry, dehydrated and tired.

Pack Size  26.6 ML / .9 FL OZ

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Air Repair Rescue Balm Review

Air Repair Rescue Balm Review


Overall rating:
24th June, 2018
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Air Repair Handy, All Natural Salve in a Tube

I bought this at a bargain. Now this is more of salve than a balm. I like that this comes in a tube instead of a pot because one, balms/salves are supposed to be an oily barrier on your skin protecting it and if you have it on your fingertips it's messy. Two, pots of balm last for ages and so it's unhygienic over time. This tube is handy and squeezable and works best as lip balm. It keeps my lips moisturized during winter with the dehumidifier going. But I sometimes put a bit on backs of hand and between my fingers where I've got some itchy, dry patches of eczema and it helps to soothe it. I do like this and think it better than a tube of vaseline.

Tips: Nice on lips but also soothing anywhere you've got dry flakey, irritated skin.

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