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Goodness Clear-the-Way Multi-Masking Kit Review

Clear-the-Way Multi-Masking Kit Review
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Turmeric Target Mask helps reduce oil, while antioxidant Bilberry Face Mask will help your skin glow. With all the goodness of purifying kaolin clay and nourishing coconut, avocado and chia seed oil, get ready for the ultimate #goodnessgal #multi-masking sesh.

Turmeric Target Mask For the T-zone, I soak up excess oil as I dry for a good clean out. Did someone say reduce the appearance of pores?!98% natural, fragrance free 

Bilberry Face Mask An antioxidant kicker for the rest of your face, I’ll gently draw out impurities to clear the way for clean, goodness glowy skin. 98% natural fragrance free

How to use

Start with clean skin. Apply Turmeric Target Mask to the T-zone. Then apply Bilberry Face Mask everywhere else. Let dry (say 5mins), wash off with warm water and a cloth.

Pack Size 2 x 30ml


Availability Farmers


RRP: $19.99

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Clear-the-Way Multi-Masking Kit Review

Goodness Clear-the-Way Multi-Masking Kit Review


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