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Swisse BioActive Nature Oil Review

Swisse BioActive Nature Oil Review
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Swisse BioActive Nature Oil Review

Swisse Bioactive Nature Oil is easily absorbed and helps improve the appearance of

  • Scars
  • Ageing skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Sun damaged skin


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Swisse BioActive Nature Oil Review

Swisse BioActive Nature Oil Review


Overall rating:
3rd October, 2016
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Swisse Fantastic Blend BioActive Oil, Bottle Leaks

My to go Thursday Plantation Nurture Oil was out of stock so I decided to get this one. I mainly use the Nurture Oil to moisturize and nourish the really dry parts on my body like my hands, knees, elbows, etc before bed. I decided to use the Swisse BioActive Oil for that as well but also to try it on my face since it had so many good added ingredients like olive squalene, vitamins F, A and K2, calendula oil, pomegranate sterols, gotu kola leaf, vitamins C and E, rosewood oil, ylang ylang oil, carrot seed oil, grapefruit oil, orange oil, palmarosa oil, patchouli oil, tangerine oil and vanilla oil. I used it twice a day on my face before switching back to the Manuka Doctor Normalising facial oil I was using. It wasn't bad or irritating on my face, but the Manuka Doctor oil absorbed quicker and helped balance out the oil on my face. Whereas the Swisse BioActive Oil stayed and left a layer on my skin, making it less comfortable or convenient to wear during the day. I don't think I got any more pimples than I usually get as a result of using this though. Olive squalene was really good for the dry skin for the dry skin on my body though. It definitely moisturized and gave a bit of TLC to the dry skin on my hands, knees and elbows that get dry and calloused easily. The bottle leaves much to be desired because it leaks. My Thursday Plantation Nurture Oil I can store in my bedside drawer and I have no problem with it leaking. This one if it even falls over briefly there's a pool of precious oil. I've tried tightening it and screwing it the pump top on tighter but it still leaks.The problems with oil spillage have lessened since I discovered the leaking and have stored it upright in my skincare basket. But still I can't even pull off the clear cap on the top without oil droplets from the oil that leaked out around the top flying everywhere. The oil is fantastic but I'm hesitant to repurchase because of the bottle. I think if the bottle was better I'd buy it again.

Tips: The top doesn't screw all the way and oil spills out. You have to store this upright from the day you open the box and cap.

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