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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Cool Ultra Light Blonde Review

Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Cool Ultra Light Blonde Review
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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist is a home hair colour enriched with professional anti-breakage technology Omegaplex. It delivers long-lasting colour intensity and perfect grey coverage, while protecting and reinforcing the hair bonds. Omegaplex prevents damage and breakage, and provides long-lasting colour retention.

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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Cool Ultra Light Blonde Review

Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist - Cool Ultra Light Blonde Review


Overall rating:
11th June, 2019
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Cool ashy blonde

I have been a regular user of this hair colour ever since I was sent it for a trial. It comes with the standard gloves, colour creme, developer, and conditioner. However, it also comes with 2 bonus products: anti-breakage serum, and another packet of conditioner called the "repair reviver" which is to be applied to the hair after 3 weeks. The instructions for hair colouring follow the standard mixing in of the colour creme with the developer, but with the added step of putting in the anti-breakage serum. The instructions were clear, and the dye was easy to apply to my hair with the applicator bottle. I found that the dye did not smell very strong. Other dyes I have used have a very strong chemical smell, but this had barely any discernible scent.

The hair colour was easy to wash out, and the "after colouring repair sealer" was easy to apply. The instructions even say that you can use the repair sealer for more than 1 application if your hair is short enough. There was enough hair colour in the package to sufficiently cover all of my hair comfortably, so I did not need to worry about needing another packet. This dye gives my hair a very even shade of ashy blonde, and leaves it feeling beautifully soft and conditioned. The colour lasts well, and does not fade too much.

Tips: A purple shampoo will help to maintain the ashy beige tones.

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