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U by Kotex Ultra Thins Review

U by Kotex Ultra Thins Review
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For an extremely thin AND highly absorbent pad, try U by Kotex® Ultrathins. They have micro<MAX Technology® – so they’re micro thin with max absorbency. The core has super absorbent materials including tiny granules that lock away fluid, so there’s much less opportunity for embarrassing leaks.

U by Kotex® Ultrathins are available in Regular, Super and Overnight absorbencies. Regular absorbency is great for everyday ‘regular-flow’ use and Super and Overnight absorbency is perfect for heavy flow and overnight use. So, we have you covered, no matter what your flow is like, or what you’re doing.

Pack Size 10, 12, 14


Availability Supermarkets, selected Pharmacies, The Warehouse


RRP: $5.49

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U by Kotex Ultra Thins Review

U by Kotex Ultra Thins Review


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