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BioMin F Review

BioMin F Review
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Healthy white teeth need good oral care. Brushing with a high-performance toothpaste can help keep teeth healthy and repair early decay. 

Born from 10 years of research at Queen Mary University of London BioMin F toothpaste outperforms the market leaders across many categories. Helping to keep teeth healthy in 5 ways.

  1. Fights decay  Fluoride fights decay and protects teeth. BioMinF’s patented technology uses fluoride much more efficiently, using up to 60% less fluoride than std toothpaste whilst retaining therapeutic levels up to 6X longer. (For ages 6+ or advised by your dentist)
  1. Neutralises the cause of decay  acids dissolve the tooth’s enamel. Sugars feed bacteria in plaque that produce acids that cause decay. BioMin F responds to acidity in the mouth by raising pH and neutralising acids. 
  2. Repairs early decay BioMin F supplies essential calcium and phosphate to help repair early decay faster than the market leaders.
  3. Creates a protective armour BioMin F hardens the tooth and creates a protective coating on the tooth’s surface which is 10 times more acid resistant than regular enamel.
  4. Cleaner and whiter BioMin F helps repair the enamel to give the tooth a more consistent colour. 51% of survey respondents said their teeth felt cleaner after using BioMinF.

BioMin F is an everyday toothpaste, can also be used pre and post whitening treatments to help prevent damage and repair damage caused, assist with white spots and white marks caused by decay as well as some brown stains and marks.



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BioMin F Review

BioMin F Review


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