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Braun July
Braun July

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Reviews

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Reviews
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The Polo Black man pushes the boundaries of classic style with a modern edge. He is cultured, hip, understated, well educated and down to earth. His style is modern, casual and he's the consummate gentleman.

Pack Size: 75ml 

Availability: David Jones, Smith & Caughey's, J. Ballantyne & Co & Selected Life Pharmacies, Farmers & H & J Smith Stores

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Ralph Lauren Polo Black Reviews

Ralph Lauren Polo Black Reviews


Overall rating:
18th April, 2020
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Absolutely GOLD!!

Maybe I am just a Ralph Lauren fan... this is the absolute best. Great smell, doesn’t smell cheap and nasty. It’s has a lovely warm smell. This is one I would certainly buy again. It’s not a sweet smell either which can cause headaches. Lovely warm smell.

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