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Braun July
Braun July

NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Post Shave Balm Reviews

NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Post Shave Balm Reviews
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Frequent shaving, wind, rain and changing temperatures can be a challenge to your skin. That's why it needs optimal protection and care. NIVEA MEN PROTECT & CARE Replenishing Post Shave Balm is made formen’s skin. WithAloe Vera and Pro-VitaminB5 the formula cares for your skin and protects it fromexternal influences causing dryness.

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NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Post Shave Balm Reviews

NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Post Shave Balm Reviews


Overall rating:
23rd July, 2019
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Nivea post shave balm

This balm helps keep the face from being dry after shaving. It feels nice and smells good. I think that the price is a bit high but you pay for good quality. It lasts a good amount of time for its size. Absorbs into the skin well.

Tips: Put on after every shave.

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