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Braun July
Braun July

NIVEA MEN Anti-Irriation Shaving Gel Reviews

NIVEA MEN Anti-Irriation Shaving Gel Reviews
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NIVEA MEN Anti-Irriation Shaving Gel offers the skin an extra close shave without irritation. Shaving never felt so good! The unique formula combines natural soothing ingredients – chamomile and licorice root extracts – that help prevent skin redness.

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NIVEA MEN Anti-Irriation Shaving Gel Reviews

NIVEA MEN Anti-Irriation Shaving Gel Reviews


Overall rating:
25th July, 2019
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I picked this up years ago when i was at the supermarket looking at how womens shaving gel was so much more expensive then a mans. So i picked this one and gave it ago as it was a few dollars cheaper then the womens. I mean a womens gotta save some money some where right? If your not a fan of mens scents this defiantly wont be for you as its pretty strong smelling although it doesn't linger on your skin. The bottle lasts forever! one pump normally does one lower leg. It helped with the itching of my legs when shaving since its anti-irritation which was the biggest advantage. If your looking for a good shaving gel with less of a price this is great.

Tips: Countdown sometimes has this for around $5-6 on special

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