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LA Colors Mascara Waterproof Review

LA Colors Mascara Waterproof Review
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LA Colors Mascara Waterproof Review

Water Resistant
Long Lasting
Special Applicator

Lash building mascara is specially formulated to maximize, lenthen, & thicken lashes. Special applicator brush seperates each lash without clumping.



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LA Colors Mascara Waterproof Review

LA Colors Mascara Waterproof Review


Overall rating:
16th August, 2019
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Hate Is A Strong Word But....

I really really really don't like you! I've been trying different affordable mascaras all year and came across this one for a $1. Previous experience with products from the brand can be a bit hit and miss. This mascara is a hard miss.

Packaging is cheap. Formula is wet but also clings to the brush. The brush is big, I'm not a fan. On application I get it everywhere allover my eyes, I always have to clean it up afterwards. Yes lashes do look somewhat thicker but clumpy. I wouldn't say this lengthens, that it's long lasting or waterproof! Waterproof it most definitely is not.

This is by far one of the worst if not the worst mascaras I have ever used. I don't recommend it for anyone.

UPDATE: When brush is inserted and removed product pools around the tip. When closing the lid the excess product leaks around the lid. Looks like more product is actually wasted than actually gets used.

Tips: Just don't buy this.

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