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VS Sassoon Compact Hair Dryer Review

VS Sassoon Compact Hair Dryer Review
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Heading overseas? Grab a Compact Hair Dryer before you jet off, and enjoy the feeling of professionally dried hair on your trip. 

Travel in style, with the most powerful travel dryer yet. 

Dual-voltage? Tick. Lightweight? Tick. Compact? Tick. And, best of all, the Compact Hair Dryer delivers the same 2000 watts of power as your full-sized dryer at home. 

With all these ticks, it's no wonder that the Compact Hair Dryer is one of the most popular hair dryers for jetsetting trend-setters. 

  • Use the concentrator for sleeker style
  • Plug in anywhere with dual-voltage
  • Control your style with 2 heat settings


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VS Sassoon Compact Hair Dryer Review

VS Sassoon Compact Hair Dryer Review


Overall rating:
13th November, 2018
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A 'sassy little hair dryer

I bought this recently, as my new fancy pants hair dryer blew up and I returned it, deciding on a refund while I figure out if I wanted another.

I decided a travel hairdryer had its benefits in the short term and if nothing else would be handy to take away on holiday if it wasn't any good for daily use. This hairdryer was on sale at half price, so it wasn't catastrophic if I didn't like it as it was intended as an interim solution to my more expensive problem. This was my first VS Sassoon hairdryer purchase.

Firstly this hairdryer is super cute, and quite stylish for it's size. A shiny black, easy to hold and very light weight. It has one attachable nozzle for straightening/styling. It clips on nicely - doesn't fall off or feel loose. The hairdryer is super compact as the handle folds up to make it a tidy dryer to put away after use or travel with. The cord is an impressive 1.8metres.

It has 2 heat settings, and the hottest heat isn't scorching like some, it's just a nice medium heat - but my hair can't withstand high heat anyway so this was a non issue. It's heats quickly and I was impressed with how quickly it dried off my hair, performing nearly on par to my previous 'fast drying' hairdryer. I have shoulder length hair at the moment, relatively fine, and it would take maybe 2-3 minutes to dry it off enough to then style with a roller brush/dryer. Thicker/longer hair would definitely take a little longer as it's not the powerhouse of the big expensive hair dryers - but for it's price point it's still outstanding.

Styling with the dryer and roller brush is super easy - as the dryer is easy to manoeuvre around given it's compact design and not too heavy on the arm. The nozzle is great at directing the air for straightening. The finished 'do' was pretty smooth and shiny. My hair didn't feel over-dried.

It's not the quietest hairdryer, but not unbearably noisy. It's about what you'd expect of a small compact hair dryer that's got a bit of oomph. I actually expected it to be louder than it is, recalling the noise of the travel hairdryers from 10 years ago.

The added bonus for travel is that it's dual-voltage with the turn of a screw, so it can go overseas with you if you're a traveller and want the reliability of your own hairdryer.

It isn't as fancy as it's bigger, fancier brothers and sisters, but it does a nice job, isn't tiresome/heavy using for styling, and is nice & compact for storage and travelling. I'll be sticking with this hairdryer for a while as it ticks all the boxes for what I need without the guilt of a big spend.

Tips: Often half price at Farmers - makes it a fabulous buy.

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