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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug
Remington AIR3D HAIR DRYER Review
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Would use it again? 5.0/5
Did it do what it said it would? 4.7/5
Would recommend it to a friend? 4.3/5

Remington AIR3D Hair Dryer Review

Overall rating:

Unique 3D Airflow – unique airflow path for optimised stylingperformance

Smooth Conditioning Technology – reduce frizz & achieve theultra smooth finish

Perfect Styling Temperature to create styles that last 6 Switch Combinations
- 3 Heat, 2 Speed & Cool Shot
1800W high torque motor
Lightweight & balanced
Attachment push-locking system
11mm Fast dry concentrator
7mm Ultra slim concentrator
Salon swivel cord
Hang Loop

3 Year Warranty Storage pouch

RRP: $299.99

Availability: Exclusively at Farmers



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Overall rating:
30th June, 2018 at 4:19 pm
3 members found this review useful
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Remington AIR3D Hair Dryer - Review

When I received an email inviting me to trial this I was super excited, thank you so much BR for all the incredible trial opportunities and the work you put into this site! I was even more excited when I saw the package on my doorstep, and quickly opened it to find the beautiful box that this hair dryer comes in. It is black and rose gold, and absolutely beautiful! In the box, you get a storage bag, two concentrator attachments and a diffuser. It claims to use '3D Airflow' and 'Smooth Conditioning Technology' to help style, reduce frizz and create a smooth finish - which is definitely something I'm into! This hair dryer retails for $299.99, which is rather steep for a hair dryer, however I think it could be worth it depending on your hair type and needs.

This hairdryer looks like something out of a space movie - it just looks so futuristic! It's triangular, with a hole through the middle, and mesh at the back where I believe air is sucked in to blow dry with. This mesh means that there is no way for your hair to get sucked into the back, which has happened to me multiple times in the past and is always a huge pain. The hairdryer has good weight to it, but it is balanced well so is easy to manoeuvre while in use. The attachments included in the box easily pop onto the hollow head of the hairdryer. It also has a very long cord (3 metres if I remember correctly) with a loop to hang the hairdryer if needed. It has 3 heat settings, a ‘cool shot’ button, and 2 speed settings. I found that there wasn’t much of a difference between the lowest heat setting and the cool shot setting.

When I used this hair dryer I was amazed at the speed it dried my hair, it only took around 10 minutes compared to around 30-45 minutes that my old hairdryer took - keep in mind, I have very thick, frizzy curly hair! Using the diffuser attachment took longer, but gave me even better results - my curls looked smooth, and they weren’t frizzy, plus my hair was nice and soft with lots of volume! I used it by ‘cupping’ my hair in the attachment and holding for a while, repeating every minute. I think the ‘Smooth Conditioning Technology’ actually works, which I was very impressed with. With the other attachments, my hair took a bit less time to dry, but my hair wasn’t as curly, instead it was more wavy-straight, which is good as I am able to get 2 different styles without the use of a hair straightener at all.

Overall, I love the experience I have when I use this hair dryer - it looks good and performs great! It has lots of features that make it just that little bit better, such as the included attachments and storage bag, and many settings to choose from. It gave me amazing results, even though I have thick, curly, frizzy hair. The price tag is steep though (and that is why I have rated it slightly less than 5 kisses), so that is something to consider if you’re thinking about buying this hair dryer - it is sure a good one though! Thanks again to the Beauty Review Crew!

Tips: If you have curly hair, use the diffuser attachment - it means less air is blowing your hair around everywhere, therefore reducing frizz!

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This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Eeee $300 is pricey alright. Its worth it if it reduces frizz though - that's a big problem to deal with.

Good review - bit pricey but sounds great.

Great review! It sounds fantastic, but the price tag will be keeping me away...Hopefully they are a sale on at some stage!

It sounds wonderful. I agree the price tag is huge . One day hopefully

Overall rating:
30th June, 2018 at 1:57 pm
2 members found this review useful
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Blown away

Straight into it - Packaging is on point. You are greeted with the beautiful new baby of the family. A stunning hairdryer – in all its black and rose gold glory, 3 attachments and underneath are some simple instructions and a storage bag.

Long cord - 3 metres (yep I checked) with hanging loop located at the top of the cord.

Beautifully balanced – not top heavy. The motor is in the long handle and the heating elements are in the short head which makes the weight distribution a comfortable set up. Very light and manoeuvrable which is easier on the wrist and shoulder. I found it easier to direct the head and heat where I wanted it to go so less chance of hitting or scolding myself. Control is from the wrist and your index finger can sit on the cool shot trigger.

This trigger is amazing for instantly cutting heat and to continue blowing without touching either of the heat or speed setting switches. A handy setting for kids, not over drying your hair, style setting and definitely helps with smoothing. Has a beautiful blue light in the hollow head that glows when using this trigger The settings – there are lots. With 3 heat and 2 speed settings as well as the cool shot trigger you have plenty of options.

The head sucks air in via the air inlet grill located in the barrel of the head and then heats it, blowing it out the other end. No ugly fan is visible – I didn’t worry about the hairdryer sucking in and singeing my hair.

My old (piece of junk) hair dryer takes over 10 minutes to dry my hair. With the Air 3D 4 minutes!! As well as being significantly quicker it’s more powerful, quieter, better balanced, prettier and has some amazing technology to go with it. It’s so quick any noise associated with it is short lived.

Using no attachments it smoothed and straightened my hair with drying and brushing alone. With the concentrators it was even straighter or I could create some really nice natural looking waves by blowing my hair out over my brush barrel. The diffuser leaves you with a nice natural look that’s still smooth and could be left alone or easily styled. These attachments attach easily - they just push on and off and can be rotated. They are great my hair has never been so sleek after a blow dry alone. My old dryer would leave me with a lot of puff, frizz and static. If I wanted polka straight hair I would follow up with my straighteners – but the Air 3D creates a nice base for that as the hair is more manageable.

I use to work in science and know a lot about ions (sadly) so I did a little research into the science involved. Simply put.. It’s said the Air 3D has an ionic generator. Charged ions (negative ions in this case I believe) are generated using a voltage and are said to hit the water molecules on the wet hair making them smaller and easier to evaporate off. No idea if at a molecular level this is actually what is happening (hard for us to tell at home) but time wise – I would believe it.

Thanks BR xx

Tips: NOTE: Sorry for the novel above. NOTE: Thank you BR for the amazing opportunity to try out this magnificent marvel we are so very grateful. NOTE: I have medium length, fine and slightly wavy hair.. so hair results will vary.. this is just based on my experience. NOTE: Yes I would repurchase..Wait for a sale.

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This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Overall rating:
29th June, 2018 at 10:14 pm
4 members found this review useful
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It'll blow you away! (#sorrynotsorry)

I'd owned my hairdryer for years. It only had one speed and was about the size and weight of a small tank. Needless to say, I usually air-dried my hair after washing, telling myself that curly hair went frizzy when it was blow dried anyway, so who cares. Anything not to have to break my wrists with Ole FrizzBlow.

But then BR was kind enough to send me the Remington AIR3D to trial and review, and I was so stoked! Because when do you buy a new hairdryer? When the old one blows a fuse and dies, that's when. And Ole FrizzBlow had plenty of life left in him yet if only to spite me, so I couldn't really justify buying another one. But oh my gosh. As soon as I unboxed Racy Remy (new nickname), Ole FrizzBlow got chucked straight in the bin.

Racy Remy (and even the box it arrived in) is just so damn beautiful. It's a really interesting shape, like an alien ship from a 70's science fiction TV show, or a bubble of oil in a lava lamp. Peculiarly, it has a hole in the middle. This could be for science or it could be for glamour, I really have no idea, but it works. It's also in rose gold. ROSE GOLD. It made Ole FrizzBlow look like a washing machine that had been run over by a train.

It has three speeds, three hotness levels, three attachments, and a little drawstring bag you can keep it in. And, according to the pamphlet which I also chucked in the bin, it does something with ions so it blows your hair smoother. That's not just marketing bollocks. Ole Frizzblow had a diffuser which retained my curls but left a halo of frizzy bits sticking up on top. Racy Remy does not do that. There are no frizzy bits. It's as if he's crooning to my wayward hairs, "lie down, relax and I'll take good, good care of you, baby," and they do and he does. Oh, how he does.

And best of all, Racy Remy is about half the weight of Ole Frizzblow, and dries my hair in half the time, whether I'm keeping it curly or going for the straight.

I love Racy Remy. He is MAGIC. Two things, but. One, the cool shot button isn't as responsive as it could be, and two, the price. It's pretty expensive if you're a gal who's used to paying for an Ole FrizzBlow. But, if you're the type of person who uses wads of cash to fan yourself on a hot day, get a Racy Remy. You won't regret it.

Tips: Wait for a sale. And make sure to leave Remy just casually lying around the house so that visitors can be impressed.

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This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Fabulous review!

I need a Racy Remy in my life!

Nicely written :-)


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