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VS Sassoon Enrich Rotating Hot Air Styler Review

VS Sassoon Enrich Rotating Hot Air Styler Review
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Dry & style in one hand for a flawlessly smooth blow-dry! Lock in shine and achieve the perfect salon worthy blow dry with the Enrich Rotating Hot Air Styler. With Triple Infused Technology combining almond, keratin & ceramic get a beautifully healthy & shiny finish.

• FOR HEALTHY & SHINY HAIR - With Triple Infused Technology, this tool will enrich your hair for a beautiful, healthy & shiny look.

• DRY & STYLE IN IN ONE HAND - A tool which dries and styles as you go, it has never been easier to get a gorgeous smooth blow dry. With 800 watts of drying power this tool is perfect to use on medium to long hair types.

• PERSONALISE YOUR STYLE - Multi-directional styling means you can add volume by rotating left or right or softly rounded ends, or to get a completely different look, rotate in the opposite direction.


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VS Sassoon Enrich Rotating Hot Air Styler Review

VS Sassoon Enrich Rotating Hot Air Styler Review


Overall rating:
2nd May, 2020
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I couldn't live without it!

For years I had been attempting to blow dry my hair with my radial brushes but it took too long and I just couldn't get the coordination going.

I treated myself to this hot air styler and it is amazing! Looks bulky but it is super light weight. Essentially you have different settings for the heat and a button to make it rotate. The brush can rotate both ways so it makes blow drying way easier.

The brush is around 3 inches wide so I find using smaller sections works best. You place your section of hair on the brush, it will rotate and pull your hair through the bristles. You can roll the hair up on the bristles then stop the rotation for a more bouncy look.

It takes a bit of getting use to though. Be careful with your sections as hair on either side can get tangled up in the rotation and become knotty. Sometimes my hair gets caught and the brush keeps rotating which hurts, so you've got to keep an eye on what your hair is up to!

Totally cut down the time it took to blow dry my hair and now I can have perfect bouncy hair everyday. So worth the money!

Tips: Use a styling gel with a touch of hold before blow drying (I like NAK styling potion). Make sure your hair is 80% dried before using this tool or else you'll be there for hours.

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