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VS Sassoon Classic Salon Setter Review

VS Sassoon Classic Salon Setter Review
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From soft, loose waves to voluptuous curls with extra volume, the Classic Salon Multi Curls makes rolling your hair easy. You'll love your new look. 

These rollers are designed for easy, elegant styling. Choose from 3 roller sizes – 6 large, 5 medium and 9 small – to suit the style you're after. Use the small rollers for tighter, more defined curls; or go with the larger rollers for looser, sophisticated waves. 

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Rollers grip hair for simple styling
  • Ideal styling tool for all hair types


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VS Sassoon Classic Salon Setter Review

VS Sassoon Classic Salon Setter Review


Overall rating:
27th November, 2018
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No flaws, amazing setter!

This setter with my long hair did the job. I’ve used the traditional hand wand curlers but once I got the hang of these babies, I was sold. Practise is key. And the curl held in my hair for a good 8hours plus depending on if I did a tight curl, with a good amount of hair spray too. For me this setter has no faults, just a very good heated set. You turn them on within 10mins they are hot and ready to go. The longer you keep the curler in the longer it stays, I recommend for all hair types and especially thick and wavy hair, it worked for me.

Tips: With practise, and time you will find each time you use it how to hold the curlers as they are hot. How to position them to get a tight, or loose wavy curl etc.

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