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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug
Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo Review
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Would use it again? 1.6/5
Did it do what it said it would? 1.6/5
Would recommend it to a friend? 1.8/5

Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo Review

Overall rating:

Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo Cleanses, removes oil, & refreshes style With our dry shampoo formula, it's now possible to wash your hair without the water. Cleanse, remove oil, and refresh your style even when it's not convenient to shower.

WHO: Danilo Tested & Approved! Our top stylist recommends targeting oily areas first. Smooth with hands to keep flyaways at bay.
WHEN: With the Pantene Pro-V® Dry Shampoo Collection, you can try it dry. The exclusive Pro-V formula with natural tapioca absorbs oil and gives you instantly refreshed hair without washing.
HOW: 1) Shake, 2) Lift, 3) Spray, and 4) Comb. Shake vigorously before use and in between sprays. Part and lift sections of dry hair. Spray at scalp or wherever refreshment is needed most. Massage thoroughly with fingertips. If excess powder appears, easily remove with the swipe of a brush.

Pack Size: 140g

RRP: $9.99

Availability: Supermarkets, mass merchants and online



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Overall rating:
27th August, 2016 at 7:18 pm
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Faulty, itchy

I purchased a couple cans of these as they were on sale and I thought I'd try out a new dry shampoo. The products comes in an attractive white aerosol with the classic Pantene packaging. The dry shampoo has a clean, refreshing scent. I guess maybe I got duds but BOTH cans I got just never worked. Initially they both sprayed out splatters of liquid rather than powder. I found that when they occasionally decided to spray the product out properly, the dry shampoo was very white in colour and hard to blend in to the hair. It also left my scalp feeling dry and itchy. After several uses, these just kicked the bucket and refused to work. I wasn't impressed considering the high retail price for this dry shampoo. Perhaps I just got two duds, but I wouldn't use this again.

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Overall rating:
3rd May, 2015 at 2:46 pm
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Not the Holy Grail I was hoping for

Was semi forced to try this, went to a small New World with greasy hair before an after work function this was all they had. Being a Pantene product I had high hopes. This is my third brand to try, but if I was honest I would rank it third.

I will start with what I like: Fragrance: Nice fresh nontraditional Pantene scent. Although very strong so avoid a small or unventilated area. Bottle: Attractive shaped and very easy to hold with one hand and easy to press button. No Frizz: Unlike other brands this product didn't increase any frizz No whiteness: Having very dark hair there was no white powder visible.

What disappointed me: Effectiveness: It did take a lot of the grease shine out, but I couldn't skip a shampoo with this product that I could with others. Slight Itch: Caused slightly itchness on my scalp.

So so sadly my search goes on for a decent dry shampoo.

Tips: Pays to part your hair before spraying and leave as long as possible before combing out.

Can also be used as volume booster

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Overall rating:
26th January, 2015 at 9:05 pm
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DRY is right!

I had never tried dry shampoo before so when I got this baby I was a happy chappy! The bottle looks like any other Pantene product so fresh but simple and always a favorite! The bottle resembles a mousse bottle so kind of confusing at times.

When I was on holiday over the xmas break and in desperate need of a hair cleansing but no shower around with hot water left so enter Pantene Original Fresh Dry Shampoo. I read the easy to follow instructions and parted my hair in sections spraying the dry shampoo on the roots. I massaged it in to my scalp and I must say it gave me a refreshing clean feeling instantly. It was a feeling I loved!

About half an hour later I found myself scratching all over my head and it feeling gritty. I found that it made my hair feel like it had chalk dust brushed in to it. My hair felt worse than before I used it! Needless to say I had to wash it immediately in cold water so to rid myself of the icky chalky mess remnants in my hair!

I gave it the benefit of the doubt and used it three more times with the same results and by the fourth application with half the bottle still full the spray nozzle has ceased to work! It gives a pitiful stream of liquid. I threw it away with product still in it and useless! It was a waste of money and my time!

Tips: May be ok for someone with 'normal' hair

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Overall rating:
9th January, 2015 at 11:12 pm
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Freshness in a can

Dry shampoo has been something Ive been wanting to buy since joining Beauty review but with alot of mixed views on Dry shampoos I never brought me one to try. I was thrilled Beauty review gave me the opportunity to trial this. I have this shelf in my bathroom which is quite high and I put all my hair products on that shelf, I have a few that look very similar to the Pantene dry shampoo and I have found myself reaching for the wrong product at times thinking its something else. The packaging of this product is similar to many products on the market also. The directions are very easy to use which really stood out to me because I had never used a Dry shampoo before. It smells very refreshing, a bit like an air freshener which played tricks on me a few times thinking I had just sprayed air freshener in my hair. I found this worked great for when you back comb your hair and really liked how it saved alot of time where my scalp was so dirty but I didnt have enough time to wash my hair in the morning. Normally when I use this I still feel like its not like the real shampoo and end up washing my hair that night. I went to Gisborne for a week and this was so handy to use, it was so hot and muggy, it definitely saved me a few times while being there in the blistering heat. I will be buying me a can of this when its on special.

Tips: Taking it on trips with you is fantastic, especially in the summer time where you get hot and sweaty hair.

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